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I'm new user and want to say hello to everyone.

I'm on CD since Tuesday and it is my second CD but this time weight loss is not so fast as recently :((I've lost 6.6lbs so far ).

The last time I did CD I ate bars from the very beginning but this time my CDC said they're allowed from 3rd week so I am really struggling because I hate shakes:flirt2:.

Yesterday, I read that there's a possibility to do SS+ instead so today I ate a can of tuna in brine instead of my shake. I hope it is good.

I am still wondering what could slow my weight loss down because last time I lost a stone within the first week:cry:
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dont worry! i lost 10lbs my first time and 7lbs this time. top tip for CD is never compare!!! if you do you end up falling. I used to compare all the time, compare this time versus last time, my loss versus others loss but once i accepted this is my journey i really took the bulls by the horn and accepted it all.

keep a diary and the time will fly and we can all help you out.
Discuss doing ss+ with your cdc, it might make it easier for you :) I had my bars in the 3rd week too. I like them, but I only use them for days that I'm working, since it's difficult to make a nice shake or soup at work. Good luck!
Hi Nic

I started SS on Wednesday so only a day behind you and have lost 4lbs - you you have done very well indeed. I am going to give SS a go for a few weeks then work my way up the plan.

Don't worry to much about the tuna. I know what you mean about the bars as I much much prefer them to the shakes and I like to chew. Ask your CDC if you can have them in the 2nd week, rather than break the diet.

We can compare notes eh?

So many replies :)

Thanks for ur advice. I will ask her on Tuesday if I can start eating bars from the 2nd week however I'd rather eat 200kcal meal because maintenance is my biggest problem and I usually can't slow down food intake ( I just eat like before) so I thought that eating something from the beginning is a good idea.

I've got my assignment due tomorrow and, to be honest, I am tired and I find it difficult to focus which is strange because last time I had some much energy that people around couldn't believe I was on VLCD.

Ehhh.. I see how it goes.
Good morning.

I love the feeling when you finish your assignment and it is waiting to be printed :)

I am going at Uni today and I am preparing some grilled chicken with salad. I contacted my CDC and she said that I'd not fall into ketosis when on SS+. Is that right?

Have a nice day y'all
Today my CDC came to measure and weigh me in. I lost 8lbs, 1inch in bust, waist and tighs and 3 inches in hips :)

I decided to do SS+ when I am really hungry. I'd rather introduce some proper food so I can learn how to eat propely from the very beginning :)
I've just had my first ready make shake and I must admit that it was not as bad as I expected. I can't stand powder shakes and these ready made ones are really good option.
Day 9

I feel good. I cheated a bit yesterday because I ate a can of tuna and some chicken + 1 sachet of CD and I lost 1 lb since yesterday :) I'm glad I could introduce some food because I'm not so motivated as last time and I find it difficult to stick to CD products only :)

I'm going to the dentist and I'm scared. I wonder how much I'll pay for one filling. It is a private clinic so I expect the worst :)

cu later girls :)
Not very good day today :(

I blipped. I had a packet of chicken with fat free vinegar, poridge, bar, 1/2 slice of sandwich ham, a can of fish with vinegar (Lidl style).

I feel horrible :(
Hi Nicoletia,

Have you tried blending your shakes with loads of ice? I do mine in a little smoothie machine and they're lush - like thick milkshakes. Or I discovered the other day if you add just a splash of water (a little bit) plus loads of ice you get an almost ice-cream consistancy (albeit a melting ice-cream)

Lou x
Hi Nic

Sorry you've blipped. I am sure you can get back on plan tomorrow hon. Try and stick with it.

PB x
Hi girls :)

I promised myself that I'll stick to SS till the end of the week. I ate all fish I had and chicken anyway and I hope I don't buy anything tempting :)

Have a lovely day :)
Yesterday I finally clarified the topic of my dissertation with my supervisor. I've got 26 days left to hand it in and I'm pissing my pants :)

The food was OK. I keep watching cooking programs, I started reading my old Rosemary Conley's magazines and plan what and how I am going to eat when I finish my diet :D

My husband had chicken with roasties yesterday :D. I cooked it and didn't even touch :)

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