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Goodbye to LighterLife


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Hi All

I have decided that my LL journey has come to end.

I have done a lot of soul searching and have decided that losing weight is not the priority for me anymore.

Whilst I do still want to lose more weight, I want to learn about food and portion control. I am also ready to start eating properly again. currently I am following the diet for a few days, and then having a massive binge. Its obvious my head is not in the right place for this kind of diet anymore.

However, I do think it is the right place to learn more about how to control eating regular small portions of good food. With the money I am saving from not doing lighterlife, I am going to start eating better food, but in smaller quantities. I will be following the WW diet, so I can still continue to lose weight, but will concentrate my food and snacks on healthy filling foods. I am hoping this will stop the binge eating (or at least drastically reduce it). I will also cook everything from scratch, which is something i have not done for myself before, only my family.

I have learnt so much from LL, and feel the time is right to spread my wings and start learning new lessons.

Taking inspiration from Peony, I have started making up menu plans and receipes and planning my change over.

I will still pop in to see how everyone is getting on, and who knows, I may be back if this doesnt work lol.

Take Care xxx
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Good luck Mel,
We'll miss you. Your honest posts have inspired many on here in the past few months.
Good luck with WW. Hopefully some of the things you have learnt with LL will stay with you.
Y'all come back and say Hi. xx:cool:
Good luck :) It will take a bit of time to get out of the mindset, but take each hour as it comes x


I Can Do This!
Mel I completely understand your thoughts. You are where I have been the past few months. I wish you all success in stopping the binging and eating healthier amounts and types of food. You will succeed. xx


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Honey I wish you so much love and success with your choice - I know it is something you have been struggling with for several months now and admire your resolve to stick with LL these recent weeks. You have achieved an absolutely unbelievable amount and have learned a huge amount about yourself. We are all works in progress and you have decided to teach yourself via another route and I think you will do well following that route. You have a far shorter journey ahead of you than when you began LL, and one that should be achievable to reach the end of using other means.

My advice regarding WW is to stick to the rules rigidly - don't try and bend them round what you want to eat. Also, be very wary of the points that are noted around and about for takeaways as I think they are hugely under pointed.

Don't hold back on the good food in the week to save points for treats or you will never learn the good habits needed to carry you through a slim life once you are at target.

Last word of warning is to make sure you include every single thing that passes your lips in your point allowance. It isn't invisible if you pretend you haven't eaten it!

Stay posting, I want to know how you are getting on and I need your support still gorgeous.





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Thanks guys.

I have taken a lot from LL. Water consumption is one!! reduced appetite. Which I fully intend to ensure i dont increase in size!!

When I did WW before, I used to have 3 meals a day but double it. I dont feel the need to do that anymore. I think LL has taught me that food is to keep me alive, and not to live for.

I reall intend to be extremely good. Im scouring thre Iphone apps for things that can help lol. I intend to cook everything from scratch and eat nothing but fresh food.

I will still be posting and keeping up todate with you guys. Thanks for everyones support. I certainly could not have come this far without it (especially you peony xx)


Gotta Make A Change
sad to see the journey come to an end
eating healthy reduced portions is all good :)
you'll get on well hun



Playing the Angel
Hey Mel Darling

Good Luck, you have done so well and if LL has been the start you needed to get you on your journey then it was well worth it. I know you will get there in your own time. Keep posting you gorgeous thing!! I will miss you too much if you dissappear!!

Thinking of you



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Thanks again!! I will still be around. I have my 1st meeting tonight. I'm really looking forward to it for anumber of reasons. 1- I used to be a helper there. But the last time they saw me I was 7 stone heavier!! 2- I'm looking forward to learning a new way of life and eating smaller portions of good food.

I am hoping this is just the next stage if getting to target and maintaining.

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