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So I'm back!! I initially discovered Mini mins in 2012 where I had started lipotrim and went from 12st 3 to 8st 6. I was 100% for pretty much 14 weeks. I then kept getting on and off lipotrim and fluctated for a couple of stone, it had a terrible impact on my mental health. I then fell pregnant, had a baby and maintained throughout pregnancy. I put on after the baby. Anyway I had gone up to the late 12's, did lipotrim again, I think i did 3 stints in total, never really learnt the art of maintenance. Had 3 babies, difficult pregancies and high need babies so here we are at 14st 10.2lb. I did exante for a couple of months, lost 2 stone, I did intermittent fasting, all sorts.

Anyway I've had all my babies now, on the wrong side of 30 and ready to give this my final push. What I find so hard is the limited peer support from when I did this first time round and miminims was so active. I know I wont get the support like before but I love looking back and reading my posts. So I'm doing this more for me, as a record that I wont lose. I will probably post fornightly/monthly updates, so I can come back and see how I have done.

I'm much bigger now, 14st 10.2 was my start weight, size 18/20. My goal is 9st / 9st 4lbs. I deffo think I got a bit obsessive getting down to 8st 7 and don't need to go that low.

As Lipotrim is no longer available, I have decided to go with cambridge diet. I did consider exante but I did 2 months around 18 months ago and then put it back on, Cambridge costs a lot more but you have the support of a consultant and I love that they hav different steps. I foud with lipotrim it was all or nothing whereas there are so many options with cambridge. the product range is so good as well. Absolutely love it, its delicious compared to lipotrim so it has felt easier.

So here is my 4 week update:
Started Mon 4th Dec, in that time I have had:
3 coffee dates where I took my bar and had that with a green tea
had hubby's birthday - didn't eat, hubby did a meal at home for him abd kids
had a dinner invite at families - didn't eat,sat on the table, pretended to eat, busied myself with feeding kids
had friends round for dinner at ours - didn't eat, busied myself with feeding kids
had a work lunch I arranged - didn't go
had a works meeting which was FULL of goodies and cake
Went to the Christmas markets and didn't eat
had a couples meal out - didn't go
had friends round for an epic NYE steak dinner and cheeseboard- busied myself, pretended to eat then had my green tea and bar
Had Christmas at my mums - told my mum I was on plan and she supported me to stay on plan
Visited family over Christmas - made loads of excuses

and I stayed 100%!!! Bloody epic!!!! I am so glad i started as its the new year and I feel I am 4 weeks ahead. my consultant said you wont regret starting and she was 100% right. I had a headaches first few days but since then the hunger has been fine. I think Jan/Feb will be a clearer easier run.

I've had so many days where I've felt so down and thought how have I gone from 12.3 to 14.10. my consultant was great, told me focus on the positive and move forward, whats done is done, and givemyself mini goals. so this is my loss for the last 4 weeks:

Dec 4th: - Start Weight 14st 10.2
Dec 11th: - 8 (14st 2.2)
Dec - 18th: - 2.2 (14st)
Dec 25th: - 3.8 (13st 10.2)
Jan 1st - - 4.2 (13st 6)
Total 4 week loss - 1st 4.2 lbs

My goal for the next month is another stone loss. I've woken up feeling so proud of myself, it's really given my a push for next month. I don't really have any events planned for Jan so it'll be a nice clear month to work through :)
Here's to getting to goal and staying there!!
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Congratulations, Goose. What a great way to start the year.
Here we are again. Can't believe another four weeks has gone. I remember posting last time and excited for the next four week update. Can't believe how quiet this forum is now. I remember when I did my VLCD diets in the past this was an absolute buzzing hive of activity. I tend to get lots of support now on social media which is Instagram and Facebook groups but I like the anonymity of this website which you can’t get elsewhere.

Regardless, I enjoyed going back and reading my old posts so this is definitely something I want to do for myself and hopefully if it motivates somebody else then that's a bonus. Hopefully when I get to goal it will be positive to read back on the struggles and challenges I overcame.

So anyway down to business. I've done another four weeks on the Cambridge plan on step 1A. I've tried to drink between 2 1/2 to 3 litres of water every day which hasn't always been easy. I had a bout of constipation in between which was quite awful but I’ve managed to get through and these are my losses so far:

Week 5: - 2 (13st 4)
Week 6: -2.4 (13st 1.6)
Week 7: - 3.4 (12st12.2)
Week 8: - 4.2 (12st 8)

Total 4 week Loss – 12lbs
Total 8 week loss – 2 store and 2.2 lbs

current weight 12st 8

ABSOLULTEY BUZZING!! I remember feeling really sad at week 5 and week 6 loss and was so disappointed. I kept thinking that on Lipotrim I was losing 3 1/2 lbs a week and that this was ridiculously slow and would take me forever. My consultant has been fantastic and said I just needed to focus on one week at a time and not look at the big picture too much and I'm so glad I listened and a persevered because week 7 and week 8 loss were absolutely fantastic and a 12 lb loss for four weeks is more than acceptable for me.

I’m feeling a change in my clothes and things are feeling a lot more looser. Nobody has really noticed at work or elsewhere even though they might not have seen me over the Christmas holiday period. I was hoping somebody might notice it but to be honest I wear massive big cardigans so it is really tricky to see anyway. And I think people don't always want to comment on weight. However I am seeing a massive difference in my clothes and things are feeling a lot looser so I definitely know I'm getting smaller.

I can't quite believe I've done 8 weeks 100% on plan. I am so unbelievably proud of myself. When I did add exante I did manage around 10 weeks and lost similar but then I went away on holiday and never go back on plan and put all the weight back on. I know Cambridge is much more expensive but I feel like having support of a consultant when I've got weight issues has been really really helpful and will set me up for future long term maintenance. The other thing I found with the Cambridge diet is the products are actually really really tasty and I'm really pleased they do a lactose free version because I can get a bit of an upset tummy with too much milk products. The bars are absolutely delicious and I actually really look forward to having them. Unlike lipotrim it was literally three shakes that were like medicine. Now if I want to go out with my husband or go out with friends I just take a bar with me and have a herbal tea and nobody bats an eyelid or notices anything. It's much more easier to stay on plan when the products are tasty and I'm not feeling as deprived. I absolutely love my 4 o clock cup of herbal tea and my bar. It feels like such a treat. Yesterday the kids all had takeaway and i just got my product and had this:

I've sacrificed lots of events this month nowhere near as much in December but definitely things I have had to give. So here are the things I gave up this month

  • friends round for New Years where we did a massive cheese board platter and lots of savoury fry ups
  • baked yummy cakes which included a walnut and a sponge cake and did not eat this
  • 3 takeaways the kids had at home which I avoided
  • meal at a friends house which was a last minute decision on there part. I just sat there took some food in my plate and pretended to eat but didn't actually eat anything. No one noticed
  • Most delicious batch of cookies that I baked didn't have any
  • Went to see friends and family but did not eat anything offered
Finding this plan easier now that I've got into the swing of things. Getting down to 12 stone 3 will be a huge milestone for me because that was the original weigh I was when I started lipotrim. I feel very sad that I've gone on to put an extra three stone on top of wat I was originally but again I'm not worrying about this too much now and just taking one week at a time. If I was 12 stone 3 to start off with I would be really close to the end now but there's no point crying over what's been done. I know I will feel amazing when I get to 12 stone 3 even though that was my old ‘want to lose weight’ start point. I'm seeing this as two journeys the 1st is getting back to my first overweight weight, and the 2nd is getting rid of the the next lot of weight. I'm super excited to update my next four week post in four weeks time so hopefully you'll hear from me then and will be pleased people on how I'm getting on!
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Congratulations! Brilliant results. I look forward to seeing your next post.
Thanks Aligal! How are you getting on?
I've marked time the last half of January, but my jeans are looser - so maybe less fat and more muscle? Anyhow, I am happy that I will make progress in February.
That's amazing results @goose keep it up, it's great encouragement for others