Goose's final road to goal

Well done!! I am still here on step 2! I would strongly suggest the Facebook groups and following people on Instagram for motivation. Gemma Renwick on Instagram is great and has loads of you tube videos too
I'm still here. Week 24 weigh in tomorrow. Been 100%. Not weighed at all during the week which I normally do so I'm excited for weigh in tomorrow.

Starting to up the walking this week and ifs felt really good. I'd say I'm a comfortable size 12 now. Feels surreal. I was a size 20 to start

I've been craving alot of sweet stuff recently. I've had to unfollow people on social media becaue of all the deserts they were posting etc and I couldn't cope!!! We might be going out for a meal this Saturday with friends and I really don't mind going. Hubby asked me and i said I think I could really do with a day of plan juts to get it out of my system. I'll see how I feel nearer the time