Goose's final road to goal

Well done!! I am still here on step 2! I would strongly suggest the Facebook groups and following people on Instagram for motivation. Gemma Renwick on Instagram is great and has loads of you tube videos too
I'm still here. Week 24 weigh in tomorrow. Been 100%. Not weighed at all during the week which I normally do so I'm excited for weigh in tomorrow.

Starting to up the walking this week and ifs felt really good. I'd say I'm a comfortable size 12 now. Feels surreal. I was a size 20 to start

I've been craving alot of sweet stuff recently. I've had to unfollow people on social media becaue of all the deserts they were posting etc and I couldn't cope!!! We might be going out for a meal this Saturday with friends and I really don't mind going. Hubby asked me and i said I think I could really do with a day of plan juts to get it out of my system. I'll see how I feel nearer the time
Hello all! It's been ages since I have posted! I have wanted to post for ages but just not got round to it. I do wish I had posted more as I do really like reading back on my posts, particularly when I am struggling. As you can see I had a gain week 25. I did want to post then but felt like a failure. I wish I had posted as it would have shown the honesty in the struggles we have. So I have been on step 2. I started on week 21 so feel like I've done it for a chunk of time. My weigh day is Monday so we had gone out with friends on the Saturday night and I had planned to have the chicken salad which I did, I then ended up having a few bread and dips and though eff it - I've ruined it!! I had the salad - it was not very nice and so I was disappointed. We then ended up going for desert and I had some of hubby's desert and then came home and ended up eating junk. The Sunday we ended up taking the kids out to eat at a restaurant after swimming and I i rather than just eating and enjoying - I ate till I was feeling sick, I popped into see a friend and had some cake which was the loaf supermarket cake that is no big deal whatsoever!!! I have no idea what I was doing - clearly it was binge restrict cycle. Then Monday I weight, gained 4.4. Then on the Monday we went to soft play with friends, I was hoping to stay on plan, but because I had one hob nob bar at 100 calories - I thought sack it! And proceeded to eat another bloody four, then thought sack it, its bank holiday monday - and we went out to eat again and i literally ate till i was sick, Made hubby stop on the way home so I could get a cuppa tea and brought treats (and ate them in hiding), I didnt even enjoy it!! I was eating it till I was sick! I then actually weighed in on the Tuesday and was 10st 6.4lb at this point so gained 4,2lb overnight. I didn;t speak to my consultant much during this period due to the shame, but I did end up reaching out and being honest. I didnt end up sending my Monday weight in to her (the gain) but later in the week with her encouragement I did. She was keen for me to just step up up to step 3 but I didnt feel like it, and on my own back I did a mix of step 1 and 2 for the next 6 days where I lost all my gain and a tiny bit more, then stepped up to step 2 and lost a whopping 3.6lbs this week.

I really didn't want to step up up to step 3 this week but after a week of seriously overthinking, talking to my best mate about what I should do, I decided to step up and given this weeks awesome loss, it is definitely the right choice. Also I think given that I am older, I'm not too bothered about how 'skinny' I get and I am happy with my size at the moment. I have just shy of 6lbs to goal, my issue with lipotrim in the past was I never did the 'refeeding' step so could never manage maintenance, so I definitely want to prioritise giving the time and energy and focus to stepping up. I do want to maybe post more on here as I step up to navigate my emotions around food, so hopefully I will try and maybe post a little more regualry as I step up. It is Eid on Sunday, so I plan to stick to step 3 till at least Saturday and I'm not sure if I want to stay on plan or have a off plan day Sunday. To be fair I could stay on plan, the food isnt an issue, I just want to eat all the sweet foods and deserts etc so if i go of plan, it's purely to enjoy that! I'm not sure - I will cross that bridge later in the week. What I have realised is that it is just food and it isnt even worth it half. the time!!

So weight ins are below. Here's to step 3!! Already had a 500 cal bowl of granola, yoghurt and fruit and it was utterrly divine - and on plan!!! I will have a mejdool date and 2 of my cambridge products later. Hoping to stay in control with food. I also am starting a 6 week fitness journey as of today so that is super exciting! 6 weeks till the summer holiday. I'd love to be at goal by then and either at step 5 or dare I say maintenance calories. Not sure if I will get to maintenance calories by then but then again you never know. you have to do a minimum of 2 weeks on each step, so step 3 is 1000 cals, step 4 is 1200, Step 5 is 1500 and step 6 in maintenance cals. We will see what step 3 brings up. Cant quite believe I'm at 5 stone loss!!!! Feels EPIC!!! It's been 6 months on plan :) For anyone reading this, I really hope I can be some sort of inspiration that you can do anything you set your mind too

Week 22: - 3.4 (10st 1.4)
Week 23: - 1.6 (9st 13.8)
Week 24: - 2.0 (9st 11.8)
Week 25: +4.4 (10st 2.2)
Week 26: - 5.8 (9st 11.4)
Week 27: - 3.6 (9st 7.8)

Current Weight 9st 7.8 (BMI 23.0)
Total lost: 5st 2.5 lbs
Still here day 4 nearly done. Just having my last product.
Its so easy to go over on step 3 when you start eating food but you have to stay really controlled. I downloaded the nutra check app and paid £35 for the year and I much prefer it to my fitness pal for calorie counting - it's more of a UK based apps so I find it much more user friendly. It also allows me to add my Cambridge one to one products on there. There's not too much you can have for 600 cals so you do have to be wise how you have your cals, who knew how many calories granola has! So I've had granola, fruit and yoghurt, apples, dates and almonds, cheesy omelettes, protein bagels with hash brown and eggs and tomorrow I'm having salmon. Its been nice so far, yet to weigh in because that's really scary. I also know the scales may potentially fluctuate so don't want it to derail me. Also started a 6 week exercise programme so I'm conscious the scales may not reflect that

It is Eid and fathers day Sunday, pre my bank holiday binge I'd planned on having this weekend off but after the binge I don't need to anymore. I think I may have a controlled off plan day, so breakfast plus a couple of sweet treats of my choice but stay on plan in the evening with a product or chicken salad. Its the sweet things I love!! I think staying in control will be the main thing and not having a binge because I'm not on plan. I will weight Sunday and Monday Morning. Tempted to do a step 2 day the Saturday before and Monday after. I will see.