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Gosh I'm really sorry to anyone who doesn't want to read this but im desperate!

Feel kinda embarrased to ask this but I just have to bite the bullet cos its really worrying me.
has anyone been bleeding in between periods since following this diet?
Iv been on the pill for 4 years- and have been completly regular for the whole time. Not once missed period/bled in between/been early/late etc.
Im not due on for another 2 weeks and iv been bleeding since Monday and its really starting to worry me now.
Tell me im not wierd!?
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You aren't weird and changes in patterns is very common on the diet.

As usual with any medical query you should always pop and see your GP for his/her advice and reassurance.

Also make your counsellor aware.


It happens quite often. Hormone levels fluctate when you diet and lose weight and sometimes women notice increased bleeding, spotting or no periods. Don't worry when you stop dieting the hormones and menstrual cycle will return to normal!
Thanks guys :D I wouldnt normally worry its just that iv been SO regular for so long.
ill relax a little now! :)
As has been said Kellie it is normal for this to happen - my periods have gone from lasting for 3 days to lasting for about 7 .... it's all going on in our bodies!


Hi Kellie

In response to your frank question - a frank response.

Have you changed partners recently?
Have you had a chlamydia screening/sexual health screen (recently/ever)?
Not sure how old you are but if over 25 have you had a smear test done?

I have worked in sexual health and the spotting could be linked with above. I am making an assumption that if you are on the pill you are sexually active but of course I know this my necessarily be the case.


Good luck

Daisydee x
Hi Daisy :)
Iv had the same boyfriend for 4 years and he's the only person Iv slept with. (sorry to anyone who doesn't want to hear this!)
and no I havn't had a smear test yet- im only 20!
this is why I was worried! :(


Hi Kellie

It is usual practice not to do smears on young women now until age 25.

Although your partner is your only partner I guess it depends on who he may have slept with too.

As chlamydia is most common STI in under 25's it would do not harm for both of you to have a screen done - it is very straightforward and would help put your mind at rest. That is what I would advise if I happened to see you in a clinical setting.

Hope this has not worried you and I think that as was said in previous posts that this is also likely to be due to hormonal changes. Just thought that you would benefit from this extra piece of information.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

Daisydee x
cheers daisy- although that wont be neccesary :)
we are both well, definatly clean of anything I can assure you!
Im guessing its just down to the diet- I will call my counciller tomorrow to double check
Many of the foods we all used to eat contributed to our hormone levels e.g red meat, soya etc
now we are not eating them and we are Losing weight our hormone levels have a lot of adjusting to do.

It will settle down. Xxxx


Silver Member
Hi Kellie
I would not worry too much. I am on a pill where I don't get periods at all (which is great) but the last time I went on a low carb diet I got a big period out of the blue. And two weeks into LL I got a big one. I think it is just something to do with the diet.
Your body will settle once it is used to what it is getting.
I would go to the Dr if you are very worried but on the LL site it does say the your periods can become alittle out of the ordinary. It settles though once I would presume your body gets used to what its getting.
and i was worried about getting old:eek:

Oh well it has its benefits and even the car insurance goes down too:D

Ohh and you get up early too:D:D

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