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  1. gem91

    gem91 Full Member

    Hi, I'm 23 and was diagnosed with pcos at a young age (around 13) and since about 14 years I've been on a variety of contraceptives to help regulate periods then they changed me to another that stops completely. My periods were always irregular previous to this. I stopped taking the pill last June as we are ttc. I had my first period last month and it lasted about a week and was fairly light. However I started "spotting" on the 7th/8th off this month and have been bleeding since the 9th. So it's day 10 of actual bleeding and wasn't sure if I should go to the doctors or wait a couple of days? Has anyone has this? Could it be irregular just because my body's not in a routine yet? I don't want the doctor to examine me while I'm bleeding too.
    Any help is really appreciated thanks xx
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  3. bubblypanda

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    I had something similar to this just before I was diagnosed with PCOS. I bled for nearly 3 months. I think it's because I came off the mini pill and it totally threw my body into some hormone spiral. They ended up giving me a capsule that used to limit the amount of blood because I literally couldn't leave the house as I was using 1 orange tampon each and every hour it was that bad.

    I was also examined whilst bleeding and know how embarrassing it is, but as my guy was a specialist he put me at ease telling me that he had probably done that more times that I'd had hot dinners.

    Weight loss really threw the periods out for a while too, so it could just be that.

    Panda x
  4. gem91

    gem91 Full Member

    Thanks for replying :)
    I once bled for 3 months then had nothing for 3 months when I was 14. I don't mind if it's a normal part of pcos but I don't want it to affect my relationship and I don't want to have to go back on contraceptives as I want to get my body back to normal and lose weight and ttc. Thankyou :) I'll make an appointment on Friday. Was it a gp you saw? Xx
  5. sarah_lou1981

    sarah_lou1981 Not gonna be a fat mamma!

    I have PCOS and, unless I'm on the pill, I have probably ovulate and have one period a year. We started ttc in August 2011 but prior to that I bled for three months. I also have endometriosis though. Before being put on contraception did you have a 'normal' cycle? I went on the pill at 15 for my periods and my doctor told me that I may never have had a cycle as the pill causes you to have a 'fake' period, where you don't ovulate, so you can't class that as a normal cycle. When I came off contraceptives I had two periods in 21 months. I still haven't had one since September 2012 but that's because I got pregnant last April.
    Re the being examined when you're bleeding - doctors are old hands at it and they really don't mind. X
  6. gem91

    gem91 Full Member

    Hiya thanks for the response :) I started my periods around 11 years old almost 12 and from what I can remember they were regular to start with but then up to being put on contraceptives at 13/14 they were irregular. I would bleed for 3 months then have nothing. I guess it didn't seem to matter so much when I was young and single. I can off the pill last June and had a period last month which lasted about 7 days then I came on properly the 9th of March (so I thought yay I'm gonna be regular again) but obvs not :/ did you have to have any medication to help you conceive then if you weren't ovulating? Sorry of that's not worded right? I've been to the doctors twice for advice and they just told me to buy folic acid from the supermarket to help! Not impressed x
  7. sarah_lou1981

    sarah_lou1981 Not gonna be a fat mamma!

    We tried from August 2011 and in December 2012 we went to the doctors about not getting pregnant. My husband had to have a semen analysis done first to check he was ok and I had yet another ultrasound to confirm my PCOS. I saw a fertility consultant in early February who said he wanted to do a minor op where they put a camera through the belly button and dye through my tubes to check everything. It was day surgery and done under general anaesthetic on 27th March. It confirmed my PCOS (again!) and showed I also have endometriosis. He booked me in for an op to remove the endo last summer then said he would start me on clomid to help me ovulate. We decided to stop actively ttc (but still not use protection) as we had our wedding booked for 8th March this year. We literally had sex about 3-4 times after the op and on 11th May I found out I was pregnant. The consultant said that the dye could have flushed out an egg resulting in the pregnancy :D
    While we were ttc I was told that ovulation test kits don't work with PCOS a lot of the time so I just bought some really cheap ones just in case. And I took my temperature every morning to check for signs of ovulation too. X

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