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Got a date?


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I've just been asked out for dinner and drinks by a guy (really hot guy i'll add, lol). He's suggested going to this new cocktail place. I have kinda known him for a while but only from out in town to say hello to.

I really wanna say yes, but obviously there is no point going out for dinner with him when i won't be eating....part of me doesn't wanna mention cd to him but then how else can i explain why i'm not drinking or sampling the cocktails? Esp when he knows i like a good drink!

What shall i do?x
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I'd keep him waiting a couple of weeks. Treat 'em mean and keep 'em keen lol Then you could have an add a meal week and forego on cocktails(just tell him you're giving your liver a rest lol)
or you could do something else cinema? but then i suppose there would be stuff there aswell.ohh i dont know hun its a tough one but as the others say you could do aam type evening :)


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Nice ideas...trouble is he has asked me more than once before and i always made excuses as the truth was i was really lacking confidence and felt he was way out of my league, so avoided it. Feeling much more confident now and think if i say no yet again he'll get the impression i'm not interested. Damn it!!!! I might just suggest a day date then can avoid the food/drinks altogether.x


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Thanks for the ideas everyone, i know there are worse dilmmas to have lol!!!


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Best way to miss out on beer is say youve had a chest infection and ure on antibiotics or summat ????? Thats what i use :) x

As for dinner have a low carb meal like chicken salad???


please try again
youve a flight the next day so have to stick to water?
Honestly, life is too short. It sounds a cliche but its true. You will never look back and say i wish i hadn't eaten a meal on that date, but you might look back and go I wish i had just gone for it on that date....go and make sensible food choices, and if it goes well then tell him 'next time I wont be eating as I am doing a committed food replacement plan so perhaps we could do cinema/bowling/dvd night at mine'.....but just go for it and have fun!!


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i concur mellie


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just go for it!!!
like someone else said, you only live once!!
just say you cant drink and have a low carb meal, and if you do go the pics, take your own bar to munch on??

and, if hes really nice and worth your time, you'll probably find yourselfs talking all night and you'll be telling him all about the diet
(hopefully he'll say something like "your perfect as you are"!!!!!)
and respect and support you.

cant let a hottie go to waste!

enjoy - what ever you do!! x
if hes a man worth getting to know he will support and encourage you from the start. but like others have said a light chicken salad would be ok for once. good luck hunni.xx
ah bless you, go for it hun, and like others have said have a chicken salad or something :)

i would personally tell him i am on a diet though!

:) good luck do let us know :)
Thanks for all your ideas...i didn't really wanna lie to him as i knew it would catch up with me but i have now told him about cd, bless him...he said he didn't understand why i was doing it because i'm beautiful as i am (aww i'm such a sucker for cheesy comments). Then when i went into detail about what it means to me he said lets just go for waters then and it'd be nice to get to know me without me being drunk and falling over for a change, lol!!
So problem solved...thanks.xxxx Now the dilema of what to wear, lol.

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