Got asked if i was pregnant today

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by Fatty_no_more, 22 November 2007 Social URL.

  1. Fatty_no_more

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    I was on the train to work and standing when a lady who was sitting down says to me, sorry are you pregnant and i said no and she said oh sorry i thought you was and i was going to offer you my seat.

    i was horrified and cried all the way to work.

    I have lost 9inches off of my waist!!! i thought i was doing so well!
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  3. Barb

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    You are, take no notice, you were probably just leaning a bit and it made you look a different shape!

    You are doing just great, take no notice, thats an order!!

  4. DaveP

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    thats horrific! It could be you have lost weight around your hips and chest but not your stomach (yet!!!)
  5. Frejja

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    I know it's hard but don't take this to heart! If you let it disturb your weight loss journey, you end up the loser! People have all sorts of motivations for what they say so take it with a pinch of salt. You are doing fabulously well and are going to be a skinny minx!

    TIFFERS Full Member

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    Some people are so God Damn rude!! You just wouldnt ask someone you didnt know that - for this very reason. You should have asked if she was "special"

  7. Fatty_no_more

    Fatty_no_more Slimming for my children

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    to be honest i was so shocked i didnt know what to say. In heincite i should have said no i aint pregnant but as you have just insulted me thanks for the chair and sat down but hey.

    Also I have a typical hour glass figure so i really dont know why. if yu look at my before and after pics in my web page (excuse the face and hair lol) then you will see how much off my waist i really have lost.

    Oh well. I just keep trying to think i want to make sure no one can ask me that if in fact i am not pregnant!
  8. peanut

    peanut Full Member

    Hey FNM,

    I hope this helps:

    I was working in London in the summer and one night after a few beers I got on the tube and sat next to this woman who was crying her eyes out. There where only a few people on the tube and there where all looking. Anyway i wanted to ask if she was ok - but I was getting off the next at next stop and needed to get off and wouldnt have gone if she started talking. Anyway she got off at my stop so as we stepped off I asked if she was ok. It turns out that she had been at a work do and this guy had asked/assumed she was preg and asked infront of a crowd (incl ppl that work for her). Then to make up for it he went and bought a huge bottle of champagne for her which obviosley got everyone asking why - which escalated the whole thing to everyone around. Now i have to tell you this woman was a slim blond size 10/12 and wearing a shortish dress and heels. I had a quick drink with her as she was drunk and very upset. Her friend turned up and it turns out that within the last month she had been asked this in a shop also.

    So what im trying to get at here is that people can just be stupid! I have no idead what would make anyone think this women was preg - there wasnt even a slight belly. People just dont think before they open there stupid mouths. That woman should have thought about what she was going to say today and the fact that there is a possibilty she could really upset someone. The woman I was met was so upset so I send you a BiG hug and hope your ok. Forget silly people.

    But anyway i see your mood is 'in love' so..... today does have a silver lining xxx
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  9. cocojo123

    cocojo123 Full Member

    People are so insentive and rude when it comes to weight issues. I was sitting at a bus stop, minding my own business, in a world of my own when the lady sitting next to me stood up to get her bus as she turned around she said "Why do you stuff your face with food, your so fat it's disgusting" (I wasn't eating at the time) I was absoutely horrified and after she had borded the bus I burst into tears. I think she thought I was staring at her, which I was not and it wasn't until she got on the bus I realised she need a stick to walk with.
  10. Alibongo

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    that is so rude!!
    Some stranger made a rude comment about my weight once, and I replied that at least I was doing something about my weight, she however, was so ugly she would need surgery for any hope of improvement, and that shut her up and her 'friends' laughed at her.
    It still hurt, but at least I had the last laugh.
  11. silhouettes

    silhouettes Silver Member

    I know we can find comments about being large/looking pregnant offensive but i very much doubt this person did it to hurt you. I for one would still offer my seat to a pregnant lady. It could have been the way you were standing, you could have looked 'uncomfortable' etc. It does not mean that you look 'fat'. Sometimes i think that we are so oversensitive about our appearance that we take perfectly reasonable, thoughtful comments/actions as offensive.
  12. Bea

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    Interesting thread.....I really think being pregnant is really personal and people should simply never assume or comment (or unless you are wearing one of those t-shirts that say *baby on board*)..there are 1000s of reasons for feeling tired, sore feet, headache, backache without the world assuming you are pregnant........even pregnant women (such as me!!) are very sensitive to be people commenting on bumps or pregnancy etc....with raging hormones I wouldnt be responsible for how I might react!!! LOL
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