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got into a dress size down!



Bring on the trumpets
Woooohoooo.....it's a good feeling. Give it another couple of weeks you will be breathing again.....with room to spare ;P
hehe hopefully.

i want them to be comfy and then i can go shopping. most of my tops dont fit me anymore already just the "smaller" of the size still a wee bit tight but a few weeks and then burn a hole in the hubbys card
Well done, it's such a great feeling getting into smaller clothes and such a fab incentive - we all like new clothes! As said above, give it a couple of weeks and they will fit you like a dream, then they'll be too big and then it's down another size - expensive business this dieting lark! Well done x
Kelly that's awesome!

I need to go and try some jeans on.....see if I have dropped a size...

As for tops...all of my tops seem to have grown with me, so not too worried about them.

Size 18 jeans here I come!
I tried on a next size down top today and it fits perfect!!! i cant get into shirts of the same size cos of my boobs lol or ones with tight sleeves(y'know the tshirt type ones with buttons near top of the sleeves) but all the other types of tops i can :D

and good luck with the jeans...youve lost so much weight so theyll deffo fit!
Awww - well done! What a great feeling that must be.
awww thanks. it really is :D
I have a good set of boobs on me too...so tshirts and shirts have always been funny.

But all of my jeans and trousers that are a size 20 are all hanging off me! So will definately try the 18.... New Look is the best place for jeans...well for me it is...so might go tomorrow and see.

Adam says that when he gets paid, he is going to treat me to a new pair of jeans :D :D

awww he sounds like a nice hun. i cant be open with my OH half about my weight, what im doing and my dress sizes etc and could never take him shopping!

he doesnt even know im on this diet. is he been super suportive?
Aww hun that's crap :(

Adam is being sooo supportive it's unreal. Charlotte will tell you he is the sweetest guy ever..been with him nearly 6 years.

When I told him I was going to do the diet, his look was "yeah yeah yeah, you have said this before", but he really has been supportive.

He hugged me the other day and just said "I've got my Sooz back!", and that just makes it so worth it.

How long have you been with your OH?

about 3 years, he is supportive and told me he can see a difference i just cant be open and honest about it. i cant to anyone really except on here when i just go on and on!
i know all you guys are a great support


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