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Got my driving test this friday! - PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys, got my driving test this friday! Not sure how hard it'll be as I've never done anything like this before!

I've had something like 50+ hours on the road (easily), so I've had lost of practise in the car! Anyone had their driving test recently? How'd it go, was it harder/easier than you thought?

I'm not nervous yet, but I know as the time gets nearer nerves will kick in, as I get pretty bad nerves at important times, like a job interview etc.!

Gah I just need to be on the road in a car! So sick of busses and riding my motorbike, it's terrible when it's wet and cold! x)
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Wishing you the best of luck with your driving test:fingerscrossed::shifter:
Thank you Mini and Moonlite, with my test only being tomorrow I'm feeling awfully nervous!!! Been searching for tips on how to stay calm all morning lol, I have three hours of driving before my test tomorrow so I'm hoping that goes well because it'll boost my confidence! Arrrghhh!!!
Good luck! I managed to pass mine first time in September. Its not that bad. Once you get driving for a bit the nerves seem to die down. Thought I had failed because I paniced at a junction and stalled and rolled back on the hill a bit. But that was because I heard a siren and couldnt tell where it was coming from! Think they realise that your a bit nervous and let you off for a few things so don't worry too much. I got around 12 minors I think!
Awesome thanks for that Gizmo, I hope my examiner isn't having a bad day! :D

Congratulations on passing hun x
Thanks. Don't worry about it, just try to relax and drive how you drive. Doesn't have to be perfect :p I'm still learning now, not been on a motorway yet, too scared :eek: lol

What times your test?
2pm :) my instructor is picking me up at 1pm, so not long now really, I'm watching the minutes tick by lol x) and yeah lol the motorway looks daunting!

Must keep calm! :)

I am SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! I was getting nervous on the way to the test centre, but I had a really love examiner, she was just a bit older than me!!!!!!! (in her 20's), and we were talking all the way through it, and my maneuvers were parallel park and turn around a semi-sharp corner!

I got 2 minors, which were "not checking my blind spot when moving off", I guess I kinda didn't make my looks obvious enough, but oh well!!!! :D
I have an old 1.1 punto hehe, but still the insurance is very expensive :S so I'm gonna take a pass plus course and then shop around for insurance to see what sort of prices I'll be dealing with ^^
I never bothered doing the pass plus due to money, and I'm paying monthly on my insurance which has made that more expensive, but I couldn't afford £700 in one go :( Since I passed my car has been evil to me and has nearly cost what it was to buy! Its a R reg KA. Had a different engine, steering column, brake caliper. Needs a couple of other things doing but it seems fine atm. My uncle bought the car for me so I can't complain too much lol


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Do quotes with pass plus first. some companies dont bother changing the price, i know my insurance didnt change when i looked into it so i didnt bother

Well done!!! :D

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