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got my stuff!!


Climbing the mountain...
Keep the enthusiasm going strong! I was so buzzing about my first week I didn't find it a struggle. (Was week 2 that I had wobbles lol! I am a strange one!) Being proactive and noticing that things fitted better or were looser was an amazing feeling! And the excitement at getting on the scales each week does keep you going!

You'll be great! Good luck!


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Hey - good luck for your start... Just wanted to warn you the first 3 days are tough whilst you get in to ketosis.... dont give up ... do what ever you have to do to get through it , distract yourself from food. Once ketosis kicks in the hunger will go and you will find it a lot easier... I look forward to following you on your journey.... there is so much support on the website... just keep visting for any advice or support - or just to vent your frustrations!!!



Must do it this time
Best of luck for tomorrow,its amazing how excited we get about "starving" ourselves...lol


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Good luck!! & to echo what has already been said there may be tough times in the early days/weeks ( or occasionally they just pop up for laughs! ) but it does get easier once you get into ketosis & start seeing results! X


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thanks everyone, the support means a lot, i think i may need it until i get into ketosis!!

cant wait now!!
Best of luck, stay focused on the end result...... This diet is tough, but it's worth doing.

Feel free to vent all frustration.

How much weight do you have to lose?


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Hi just wanted to say good luck on your journey stay stong and focused and you'll be fine x x


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q&p im hoping to loose 4st by september when we go to Rhodes! if not 4st then as much as possible really.. i felt disgusting the last time we went away and just wanted to sit about and hide, funny how if you lay flat yr belly disappears! so thats what i did

i refuse to do that this year!!

i think 4st in 14weeks could be asking too much, but as long as im enjoying it, and healthy, thats all im bothered about!

thanks for the support xx
Hello pink-Sarah,

Best of luck with it, stay strong. You can expect to lose a stone a month so actually your goal is doable.... Just be stringent about it, eye on the tiger!

I've done the lay down thing, but kept spilling my ice cream. :)

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