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Got on the skates and fell off the wagon... Time to get back on...


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So, on Jan 30th this year I started something that I'd been wanting to do for as long as I'd been aware of it. I started Roller Derby!! And it's something that I've since fallen in love with. But it seems that since I've started this my weight loss has completely gone out of the window. You would think that taking up a new exercise would do nothing but help weight loss but not time and there's a few reasons for that (when I say reasons I mean excuses...)

- Derby training is at the same time my old WI used to be and all the others in the area are a bit hit and miss. I struggle with them based on my hours at work/childcare and I really NEED to be accountable to someone to succeed.
- Because my WI was always on a Sunday night I wouldn't have a big Sunday dinner, but now I need a decent meal to have the energy to skate so 'decent' tends to become 'massive family dinner'. If I'm eating the same the rest of the week it's still a huge increase in points.
- Sunday night takeaway - i'd always had this throughout the diet. Never as a cheat, fully pointed, accounted for and enjoyed but now it's as well as the Sunday lunch and since I'm usually ravenous after Derby I don't make good choices. My chicken chow Mein has become chow Mein and chips / crispy beef / half of whatever my OH is eating. Not good and needs to change.

So this is my pledge to become accountable for my actions and actually get this weight off and get fit. I'm not going to be any good in Derby if I can't keep up (and I'm never going to look good in the hotpants if I don't shift a bit of weight either ;-D...)
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Last night at training I felt rubbish, and I mean rubbish! I felt sluggish and unmotivated and I realise a bit part of that is how badly I've been eating lately. And I mean badly... I've had a week off work and have been incredibly lazy and also need to do a huge shop so don't have much fresh stuff in (again, excuses and not reasons). I didn't used to notice how severely my eating habits changed how I felt since a change in eating habits was usually accompanied by something else I.e pregnancy, exam stress, travelling. It was very easy to attribute it to something else. Now things are settled I cab really see how (not really surprisingly) what I put inside affects me inside.

Not only that, I could barely feel my legs because of me trying to fit my fat legs into my new kneepads. A mens size M and too tight (imagine a muffin top above each knee). None of the Derby girls care in that sense since girls of all shapes and sizes are welcome but I care. I really don't want to look like a mini michellin man!

To do list:
- Sort my diet out
- get these legs toned!

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