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Got some motivation


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Went on Facebook, got a message from an old school mate who lives in the village, she invited me out to a 'class meal' I left school 24 years ago and havent seen loads of my class mates since then. One of them went to Australia and now specialises in care of people with kidney transplants etc, she is over for a month and just before she leaves we will be having a meal out with all the class we can get in touch with, theres quite a few coming so far, but at least I have something to work towards, eeek I am excited:D
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oh lol, 28th August, lets see how much I can loose in a Month. Its good timing because a month away is just long enough to loose a substantial amount, but not too far away that I loose sight and have a wobble
I wonder how much you will have all changed, Cathy?

Anyway, any motivation is good (and you haven't even started properly yet!)


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I think I will have changed the most, I was shy and quiet but liked a giggle with my closer friends, now I am not shy, quite loud, lots more confident and much happier and have gone from 3 o levels and the head saying she will probably just be a looser (ggrr) to having a wonderful(most of the time) husband 3 gorgeous clever children my own house and my own business that is getting better and better. I cant wait, if I was thinner it would be amazing lol.


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you will look fantastic. And you have done brilliantly. will be interesting to hear about the ones that were most popular at school and what they have done lol


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The cleverest one I think is in jail lol. He was one of those stupid clever people, with no sense what so ever. Shame he was an ok guy. loads of those who were very clever havent really done much TBH. but as long as they are happy thats good.
No flaming bran or book in the post either aaaarrrrggghh.


Loves this site!
Erm excuse me but im sure i just read "IF i was thinner".....................you WILL be thinner hun. Work hard and reap the rewards!


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Thanks lol. I Will BE THINNER.

I got my bran, looked everywhere in tesco, couldnt find it, and was so cross. Got home and it was there waiting for me Hee hee.
And it was only Tescos own oatbran. So anyway got a new wee non stick pan, no book though! very annoying. Still it has got to be here by Monday. Then I can really properly start.
Its my friends birthday today so I have to go and have a drink with her in a bit. Oh and tomorrow its roast chicken for dinner so a good one there.
congrats on getting your oatbran :) picked mine up off ebay too - handy as my tesco store had none! :p

so now you can really get started :) we can get you through til the book arrives - you have your oatbran :) get fat burning :D

I'm excited for you! :)... enjoy yourself tonight! x

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