got the biggest stomach ache ever

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by Fatty_no_more, 17 September 2007 Social URL.

  1. Fatty_no_more

    Fatty_no_more Slimming for my children

    Slimming world
    its travelling all round my chest and in my stomach and i am in so much pain.
    Anyone else had this?
    I have even drunk my 4 litres of water.
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  3. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Could be gas (can be very painful and can travel around the back and everything) .... have you been drinking fizzy water?
  4. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    I've only ever had that when I overdid it on the water flavourings - have you been drinking a lot of them?
  5. Fatty_no_more

    Fatty_no_more Slimming for my children

    Slimming world
    no i have just drunk water, had my normal shake for breakfast and bar for llunch.
    Havent drunk fizzy water as i dont like it and cant afford the water falvourings.
    appraently i look like death warmed up.
    I am a bit scared.
  6. Madam Mimm

    Madam Mimm Full Member

    Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. Do you reckon it's linked to the spotting you started a thread about earlier? Maybe you're experiencing chronic period pains? I know you said you're not due, but this diet plays havoc with your body!
  7. Fatty_no_more

    Fatty_no_more Slimming for my children

    Slimming world
    it very well could be.
    I hadnt thought of that.
    I am having to wear a sanitary towel as its getting heavier but not a proper period but it also feels like trapped wind.
    wahts the best thing to take/ I think i have stuff for ibs?
  8. KittyB

    KittyB Gold Member

    I can sympathise. I feel exactly the same today :( I've just put it down to a bug or trapped wind.

    Hope you are feeling better soon

    K xxx
  9. NetNet

    NetNet Full Member

    I haven't started LL yet, I get my packs tomorrow night and start on Wednesday, so I don't know the ins and outs yet but are you allowed to take such things as Rennies or Remegel Wind Relief. I have found that Remegel is very good for trapped wind etc.
  10. Cerulean

    Cerulean Gold Member

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    Obviously my advice is not designed to replace any medical advice but here goes...the primary part of it is -

    In the morning call LL medical (number is in your literature and on the website) get their opinion. Minimins is not a replacement for that service that you pay for as a LighterLifer, we only have our experience to go by - your counsellor and LL medical should always be your first ports of call (unless your medical problem is very serious in which case it should be your GP)

    Right - with that in mind and the medical disclaimers in place ;) , here's my take on it...(oh and do remember that I am a LL hardass!)

    Remember that your body can be tricksy and will try anything to get you to break abstinence - some people find the packs very rich and have issues adjusting to digesting them for the first few weeks - a lot of us had chocolate waterfalls and cramps in the first few weeks (some of us get this when we overindulge in water flavourings too, but I didn't drink the flavourings for the first few weeks) - You should not take any medicine on LL that isn't your normal painkiller or prescribed by a GP - anything else is self-medication - something you are trying to get out of the habit of on LL.

    Hope that helps and I hope your tummy gets better - but mine was quite gripy at the beginning, yes.
  11. Fatty_no_more

    Fatty_no_more Slimming for my children

    Slimming world
    hi all.
    I took some Ibuscopan for IBS and went to sleep as it started to ease it.
    To be honest regardless of if i wasnt allowed it on LL i dont care. I was in so much pain i was nearly cryign and i dont do crying!
    Mind you as we speak my tummy is gumbling really hard core :(

    got to leave for work soon so hope its not too bad on the trains lol.
  12. SandraEG

    SandraEG Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Have you been doing regular bowel motions? I have had quite severe constipation at times and that can be really painful - although never in my chest. I now use psyllium husk capsules to stay regular.
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