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got the runs?



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I wish, im the other way, but at the begining i think i was like that see how it goes today, maybe later if it carries on you may have to take something for it. You have changed you diet so your body is probably adjusting. Hope it gets better soon.


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I used to experience that at the begining of CD too. If you are drinking all your water and your body is not used to it, it goes through your system pretty quickly. Sometimes, if I feel I need to go (and can't), I have an extra litre or two of water and it flushes my whole system. It is normal for me to experience that at the beginning.


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When I did cd I did get this for about a day, i was told it was due to your body not being used to all the nutrients in the shakes so was told to make sure i drank some water before and after each shake to dilute them a bit:eek:
Yep that was me too at the beginning, now I am totally the other way despite the amount of water I drink and have to take tablets to help...
I had this when I started, and unfortunately it lasted for the first two and a half weeks! Started to think that it was serious, but one day it just stopped...

I was told though that splitting your packs and having 6 half packs a day would help, as its the intense amount of nutrients that can be causing it. Also, make sure you drink a whole glass of water before you shake, and another one after, this usually helps.

Hope it eases up!
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Yup - usually when having straight tetras, I not have a sip of water, sip of tetra just to be on the safe side.

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