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Got to 10% then lost the plot :-(

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Mrs*S, 27 May 2010 Social URL.

  1. Mrs*S

    Mrs*S Full Member

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    The Cambridge Plan
    Yes after a great start I have stalled, lost the plot, my mojo has gone :cry:HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. kibou1

    kibou1 Full Member

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    Slimming World
    Hi, I don't know if I can help you because I have been going up and down and struggling for a while now.
    I'm trying to take each day as it is and even though I stay the same or put on weight sometimes I am still more aware of what I put in my mouth. Kind of damage limitation really.
    Reading through different diaries here might help you. Also, make sure you plan your meals and include treats.
    Hope you'll get back on track soon x
  4. MadameLaMinx

    MadameLaMinx Gold Member

    Think about how you felt when you had your first loss. And your second. Now think forward to christmas this year, when you want to get to goal. You set that goal for a reason, I dont know what your reason was, but you do. Focus on it. Think about WHY you wanted to do this. Write a list of your reasons for losing weight. When you start to waver, look at it. Think about how when you get to goal, you can take that list and rip it into tiny pieces, and be proud of yourself because you achieved what you set out to do.

    And then pick yourself up and start over. You CAN do this.
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  5. *Cupcake*

    *Cupcake* is working hard.....

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    Great advice!

    I'd add to think about what prompted you to begin in the first place, and to promise yourself you are never going back there. Ever.

    Try a diary, and start writing to yourself. Everyday. Note what you eat, when and how you feel. It can be a real eye opener! I doodle on mine too and for me its great to have a real picture of this journey rather than just a food diary.

    You CAN do this - you really can. Start now. :)xx
  6. dehli

    dehli Silver Member

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    slimming world
    I'm like that, all in all I've only lost 2 pounds in nearly 3 months! Some days I'm really good and motivated, other days I just think sod it and eat crap. Sorry I can't help, but I know just how you feel.
  7. judimac

    judimac Mad old Bat with Attitude

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    Do you go to class? If so is your consultant helping you? I think we all hit a patch like that. We feel better, look better and the desperation factor goes. Now you have to re- group. Get your tape measure out. Are you satisfied with your measurements? Stand in front of the mirror naked! Do you like what you see? Have you a favourite piece of clothing you can't get into? Try it on, then hang it on the front of the wardrobe where you can see it.
    The list for/against losing weight is a good idea.
    Get your book out, do a food diary as if it was your first week again.
    I found I was complacent and not really following the plan 100%. I wasn't eating enough of the good things to make me feel, 1) full and 2)not tempted by syns.
    Your head has to be right, but it would be such a shame to waste all your hard work. Good luck!
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