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Got to prove my boyfriend wrong!!

I have lost nearly 5 pounds now I am 9 stone 10. I thought I have done well and I can see a difference but my boyfriend said I can never be skinny I don't have the right body for it!! Gunna prove him wrong!!
Help me!!

Today I had:

Breakfast- 1 weetabix small banana and 100 ml milk (196 cal)

Lunch- Ww wrap with half small pot of extra light Phili 30g mozerella and slice of deli ham with Pom bear crisps and ww caramel bar (427 cals)

Dinner- 1 and Half chicken fillets 2 small potatoes 80g of runner beans and small bit of gravy (499 cals)

Snack at 2pm penguin bar (106 cals) and the disabled girl I look after gave me a mini doughnut didn't wanna say no wish I did now (49 cals)

Drank 1 litre of flavoured water all day (20 cals)

At 7 I am going for an hour of deep aqua aerobics

Total calories used on food today: 1297

How did I do? I wish i didn't use to many because im Gunna need a sugar fix after swimming!!

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You can prove him wrong, food looks lovely, if you get peckish after swimming, use some of your exercise cals :) x
I did lol. The lady told me he class burns approx 400-500 cals I put down 250 just to be on the safe side so I've just had a ww marshmellow wafer for 55 cals and a hi fi bar 78 cals and a diet Pepsi sitting in bed relaxing now ready for sleep! Lol ice skating tomo apparently burn 450 cals an hour x


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you can prove him wrong, these activities sound great, not been ice skating for 10 years.
So this morning I had one weetebix and 100 ml milk nothing all day then a 50 cal wafer at about 3. I then I a chicken doner meat and chips dinner. I did an hour of Zumba this morning but I'm feeling like crap for eating that kebab even tho it was yummy :-( x
I can honestly say I dont know that many 22 year olds who are an 8-10! I'm 25 and between a 10 and 12 now :) good luck to you though hun you're doing really well and I think you can prove him wrong if you're determined enough xx

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I'm 22! I have 2 kids though (oldest nearly 3 and youngest just turned 2months) and I'm a 14/16 more 14 now though, I can't think of any of my friends smaller than a 12 x
S: 11st5.0lb C: 11st2.0lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st3lb(1.89%)
your doing great :)
i have to agree, i dont have that many size 8 friends i must say, tho i think its the media that make us think that young = skinny and beautiful
Yeah it is the media makes young people want to be skinny and it's working on me!!! Grrrr but ive lost 3 pound this week yayyy got my half stone award so I'm officially 9 and a half stone exactly. It's also my birthday so in going for a Chinese tonight and I'm Gunna eat what I want!! X
S: 11st5.0lb C: 11st2.0lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st3lb(1.89%)
yay!! aww im so jealous wish i could have a naughty night! enjoy it hun :)
yeah its so bad with the media, im raising a little girl and it terrifies me how bad its gonna be when shes a teenager :(
anyway have a good nite
Well today hasn't been to bad had one golden syrup baked weetebix this morning.

Then for lunch I had ww wrap with ham and extra light philli with Pom bears and a cheese string. Followed by no added sugar pot of jelly.

I went to harvester for my birthday I had Katsu chicken with rice which was 620 cals.

During the day I've had 2 rocky road hi fi bars as a snack and I've drunk diet cokes today. And I had a mini milk for 30 cals after dinner and resisted the big puddings.

Good day I think x
I'm shocked that your boyfriend said that to you!!!

You look fantastic & your weight is already great!!!

If you want to loose weight for yourself then more power to you....but I can tell you now that you don't need to.

Please don't change your body for someone else.

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