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Got to start somewhere :)

I have a lot to lose as well but breaking it down into 7lb goals makes it seem less daunting. same with the exercise. I could barely walk to the end of my road last year now i'm up to 6 miles so again its about doing what you can and building on it. once you get into it you'll be flying no doubt :)

Any plans for the weekend?


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Good for you for turning a negative into a positive. That is a brilliant start.

I suggest to start with you get yourself a lovely new notebook, label it up as your Food and Feelings diary and start recording everything you eat and drink. You will see patterns emerging. You will find yourself unwilling to write down stuff that you feel you should have resisted. One biscuit looks ok written down, 6 don't!

Focus on the healthy; lovely crisp salads, yummy fruit, low fat yogurt..... there is plenty of info on here to help you get started.

Go for it, you're worth it and already your heaviest day is behind you.
Hello and welcome aboard :)

Firstly, your hurt will be very raw for awhile, so congratulations for focusing on the new you. Sorry to hear your relationship has ended, but i bet many of us on here, know the feeling of heartbreak me included! It won't seem like it now, or tomorrow or maybe even a month or two from now, but the hurt DOES ease (honestly) and you are going to be so wrapped up in creating the new you, that the pain will be bearable and you'll start looking forward to everything a new life has to offer...how exciting! :D

I've dieted on and off for too many years, and in feb this year, i had a lightbulb moment and was determined this weight will go. I started at 21st 5 and last week I weighed in at 18 5!!! :D this time I am doing it myself, by healthy eating and exercise.

Do you want to join a slimming club or have a go yourself? I have just started weighing in with the nurse at the gp surgery last week, for added motivation and advice! Is that an option for you?

I made many changes, not all of them easy!!! :eek:

I changed white bread to brown, grilling instead of frying, diet drinks and water instead of fizzy drinks, lots more fruit and veg, 3 meals a day, low fat, milk and butter, low fat cheese etc. I bought an exercise bike and i walk as much as possible!

I write my menu in my diary in the weightloss diary section on here every day, it might give you some ideas. If you get time,have a quick look at my first page as I list all the reasons why I am doing it!!!!

Keep posting, I look forward to chatting with you..and here's to a new you and a new lifestyle.



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Hi Emma,

I'm sorry to hear about the end of your relationship and can imagine the pain you must be feeling now.

But well done on trying to turn a negative experience into a positive experience. I remember a time when i was with my ex and someone shouted at me 'someone ate all the pies' I was sooo humiliated!! I have always been insecure in relationships due to my weight so i too want to get to a point where I will be happy within myself and not let my issues with my weight contribute to another failed relationship.

So good luck with your journey hun. I am on the Cambridge Diet so am not able to advise you the best things to eat, but I look forward to reading your posts and will be here to support you along the way.

OMG I so could have written that post myself. My (now ex boyfriend) despite being very overweight himself did exactly the same to me. I totally understand how devastating that it. I'm doing the Cambridge diet...have been doing it off and on over the last few years. It's a food replacement diet and although it's hard to get started on, once you're in it brings great fast results and would be suitable for vegetarians too. Something has to change for me. I want to know that someone is going to genuinely love me and find me attractive and I can't do that if I don't take good care of myself. I've decided it's this or surgery but really want to do it on my own.

We can do it x
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Hi again :)

I've just lost mine through healthy eating and exercise (walking and exercise bike) I've just started at the nurse 2 weeks ago, but she has given me lots of advice, and out of my whole food diary for 2 weeks, the only thing she raised her eyebrows at was my bowl of alpen, so I binned alpen). She told me to keep doing what I'm doing and eating what I'm eating, so for the first time in years, I'm doing it right..an its working for me! She advised to walk every day, and fill up with fruit and veg, and set mini targets, which thankfully is what I have been doing. She also advised of portion control, as that is what made me the size I am and eating the wrong types of food. All the health implications are very important, high bp, high colestral, fatty liver, heart trouble, strokes, problem with joints etc etc etc, the list is endless and my regret is that I ignored all the medical reasons when younger and its only now, at the wrong end of 40, that it all makes so much sense!
Its is worth asking your gp, if you can weigh in with the nurse for motivation, encouragement and advice, I hope it is an option for you, and I'm sure your gp will be pleased to help you.
I have weighed myself since feb on my own scales, but knowing I am now also weighing in with the nurse too definately keeps me focused.

Good luck, here's to a successful week, keep posting and ask any questions you may have anytime.

..and remember, you are making lifestyle changes for YOU, and one day you will find a man worthy of you, and not one who is shallow minded and only sees the outer package and not the inner beauty too! If you haven't seen the film "shallow hal " track down the dvd, and watch it...very, very true!!!!!
Ouch, I just went into an aerobics class at the gym all guns blazing and quickly got sent back to reality with a mighty bump! This is harder than I even imagined, I nearly was sick and definitely could not keep up with anyone.
Gah. I was the most unfit person in the class and without a doubt the biggest by at least 150lbs, it's quite embarrassing when no one is breaking a sweat and there's me dripping and panting. Eurgh it's making me cringe. I'm not sure I'll go back, maybe I will hit the gym and exercise DVD's in private first.
Everyone was so lovely there I just felt dead uncomfortable, physically and mentally.

I must be completely crazy because I'm going back to the gym at 5 to see what I can get done there. It's silly to say but I am finding exercise really hard at the moment.

Here's hoping it gets easier from here :)
Well done on having the guts to go to an aerobics class on your own hun! I don't have the bottle to do that so i have complete respect for you! :D

I went to the gym last week - i did 20 mins on the bike and rode for 7KM - it might not sound like lot to some but by the end of it i had broken out into a sweat and my cheeks were nice and pink lol. I also swam for 40 mins the other day. I can't remember the last time i exercised before this so i'm just going to take it easy and gently build myself up.

An exercise DVD id a good idea..... hmmm perhaps I'll get one too! Now that i've turned into a hermit on this diet I should be doing something with all my free time :)

Good luck at the gym hun

RR - that's fantastic how you've lost your weight, you're doing so well (congratulations on the 17's!) and I can only hope I follow in your success with the same plan of healthy eating + more exercise. I will also definitely try the nurse, I've booked an appointment on Monday :D thanks for telling me that cause I honestly wouldn't have otherwise known! I'm so glad it's working for you and she seems to have some very good advice. I hate walking, it's my most dreaded exercise of anything, but hopefully in time it will improve! It's never too late, all of those health concerns will soon be significantly reduced for you and gone so any time is the perfect time, your new life is in sight! :D
Good luck to you this week! Thank you again for your inspirational words :)

& Thank you Aaliyah, I hope so! How are you doing today?

Minty - 7KM is definitely a lot and the swimming, keep it up! And like you said, taking it slow is a good idea otherwise you'll be down and out before you can start. The great thing is that fitness levels can only improve by going which is the fantastic motivation to keep trying! That's what I keep telling myself, I can't wait for the day when I'm keeping up with people in the aerobics class and able to go for walks without being horribly unfit and sweating :eek:
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Well done on going to the gym, i'm sure it will get easier and if everyone is friendly, then that's a big plus in my eyes!!

I haven't even got as far as the gym yet...too shy and embarrased, hoping for one to one tuition one day soon though :)

So pat on the back to you for going along and participating, very impressed!

have a great day x


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Well done on braving the gym. I'm not there yet but I'm a wimp in denial. Until 7 years ago I was the skinny one out of my friends. Now I'm the biggest by a long way. There's a certain amount of shame and embarrassment tied up with that. I'll get back there one day.

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Slimming down the aisle
Hi Emma, I'm just wondering whereabouts in the West Midlands you live? I live in the area too and if we're not too far from each other, I'd happily come to a class with you if you want the support so you're not by yourself?
caroline g said:
Hi Emma, I'm just wondering whereabouts in the West Midlands you live? I live in the area too and if we're not too far from each other, I'd happily come to a class with you if you want the support so you're not by yourself?
Hi Caroline, that'd be fantastic if you're local! It'd be brill :) where abouts are you from? X x
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Sassia and RR thank you very much for the encouragement :) I have no doubt that you'll be able to brave the gym soon enough, it's nowhere near as bad as I thought!
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Oh hon. It's horrible to feel like that and you are hurting. His Facebook status says more about him than you. X

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Slimming down the aisle
Hi Caroline, that'd be fantastic if you're local! I live in Stourbridge near Dudley, I think my gym membership means I can use it at all the local gyms in the Dudley area so I can find a more local gym to you if you're around gere? It'd be brill :) where abouts are you from? X x
Ooh you're not that far from me! I'm 7 miles outside of Kidderminster on the way towards Bridgnorth!
Thank you Sassia. It is just horrible, I can't change it and it hurts so much just sitting by with him moved on already. Just gotta keep pushing on though, there's nothing I can do :(

caroline g said:
Ooh you're not that far from me! I'm 7 miles outside of Kidderminster on the way towards Bridgnorth!
Ah brilliant, not too far at all! :) is it okay for you to travel to? Would be brill :) x
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