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Got to stop the landslide ~ aargh

Hello SWorlders ~ may I introduce myself,

Well last year I lost around 3 1/2 stone sole sourcing on the Cambridge Diet. Supported by this wonderful site and the 'pink site' ~ also had a fab CD counsellor who made it doable. Stopped in November, but didn't do the proper CD maintenance steps, just eased myself back onto food and hoped I could hold it there.

Well, finally got on my scales this morning and find I have put just over a stone back on :cry: my own fault, coz since xmas I've really not been following any sort of 'healthy eating plan.

I could go back to CD, but I really want to get back into good honest wholesome healthy eating and I think SW is my method of choice. Not yet decided whether to go it alone, or join a local class.

Have been lurking around the SW forum and have been picking up some good recipe ideas, so here's hoping I can stop the rot and lose this stone plus a little more.

So, just wanted to say hi :wavey:and I look forward to joining you on your weightloss journeys.
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Hey welcome and congrats on plucking up the courage to start again, some people get stuck into the trap of finding out they have gained only to continue to eat unhealthily.
I think all low calorie diets work.........but not forever and firmly believe only the strongest willed people can stick to it and maintain the weight loss permenantly....but the same can be said for ANY diet.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the SW diet and welcome to the nuthouse.
Ruthy xxx
Hello and welcome. You can do this!
Aww thanks folks ~ mucho appreciated :)

Will work out how to get the old ticker up and running again, soz I can post my efforts as the weeks roll by.

Still not convinced as to whether to join a class or use the books I got off ebay ~ the only tough thing is knowing the sin values of branded goods, or indeed the full list of free foods.
Hey Domino, welcome! Don't worry i'm sure you can soon lose that stone on SW, i put on half a stone over Christmas but have now lost it and am on my way down again. Always so easy when you gain to just say sod it and dive straight into the biccy tin, even when you know in your heart of hearts it's the completely wrong thing to do eh?

I started losing my weight a couple of years ago, did Rosemary Conley online for a few months. Ate healthily on and off so didn't put the weight back on but just got stuck and couldn't seem to lose the last stone and a half so signed up at SW for the 12 weeks countdown course. I've been enjoying the class and the weight is now moving again so feeling really happy. so my advice would be to maybe try a class for a few weeks, you'll get the latest book and pick up some really good tips from everyone and also meet other people in the same boat as yourself.

Sorry, blethered on a bit there didn't i? LOL. Anyways, best of luck whatever you decide.

Oh yes, and why not join the Easter Challenge for a bit of added motivation - sorry don't know how to add the link in here.

Sammy x
Hey Sammy ~ yeh know what you mean. It would kinda be easy to sit with the excess stone as to be honest it's not made a huge difference to the way my clothes fit, or how I look (especially not when I've still then in effect lost some 2 1/2 stone still). But I know if I leave it, then it'll be 2 stone back on, then another etc etc.

Have done a search on the SW classes and there is one just round the corner from where I live on Thurs evenings ~ so I've got no excuse not to go really and as you say I'll get the up to date books and hints / tips from the others.

Will post here with the start weight and yep, will look to join the Easter challenge :)
Great stuff. Will look forward to seeing how you get on.

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