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gotta wait 2 or 3 weeks...

Aw, I know you are dissappointed, and this happens quite a lot. But hang in there - you can use this time to your advantage actually! It is a good time to really prepare yourself mentally for the diet....to start cutting back on carbs now, etc. And that will help you get off to a good solid start.

Hang in there!
yes...problem is my mind thinks...hurrah, i am not starting yet so i can pig out and enjoy all my fave things that i am going to have to go without later :-( so my brain says...enjoy em while you can! doesn't everyone think that then? xx


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I had to wait 7wks. It was so hard cos i just wanted to get going. I just ate and ate and then ate some more lol. I wasnt content just having a fish supper but had to have a pasty and onion rings along with it. I was getting on like i was never ever going to eat again. Sometimes i wonder if i had tried to be good for those weeks while i was waiting - wot weight would i be now :wave_cry:
I had to wait 3 months to start. It was soul destroying that I put on an extra stone in that time. If you can, I would really try and follow Blonde Logic's advice and try to curb the carbs while you wait. I'm sure the time will pass quickly and good luck!
how frustrating!
i had to wait over xmas for 4 weeks and put on about 10lbs - try and do as BL suggests
daisy x


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Or start CD to begin with, then you can do the LL programme from then on in.
hi guys, thanks for answering me, i am still trying to figure out this website if honest... bit embarassed to look a fool though
what is the cd? xx


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Cambridge diet. Its the same principle as lighter life, but without the psychology bit or 'counselling' or whatever LL call it. Its half the price too.
really? i mean, why doesn't everyone do it if its half price and safe of LL and you don't have to commit to meetings...making it easier to do ??? do you still have someone guiding you thru it?


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Your councellor will guide you through it all, be it CD or LL. I am no expert but i believe Lighter life does counselling or helps you deal with some issues you have. Look on the lighter life forum here and you will pick up more info from there.
Yeah, the difference is LL gives Cognitive Behavior Training (CBT) and Transactional Analysis (TA) counseling.

A private session with a counselr wouldprobably cost as much as 70 quid - but this includes food.

If you have no emotionsal/psychological reason for being overweight - it was just a matter of lots and lots of oops - then CD is good.

For me, I had to sort my head out in order to sort my bod out. Hence the higher price - and it was worth every penny.

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