GP is concerned :-( blood tests lie ahead


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Hi all,

I haven't had a WI for 11 days, and today I found out I have lost... 3lbs.

I did have a meal on Sat and Sun, so strictly speaking only did 9 out of the 11 days, but I am still disappointed with such a small loss.

I have now completed a full month on SS, and have lost only 13lbs. Normally I lose at least a stone and a few extra lbs in my first month, so it's not as good as I'm used to. But that's not why I'm so disheartened...

You may have seen my plea for help regarding my side-effects. I have been feeling so rubbish for the past three weeks that I literally don't have the energy to do anything. I feel depressed, constantly on edge and can't cope with the tiniest pressure. This is not like me and I can't deal with the fact that I've tried so hard, dealt with all the rubbishy side effects, and lost less than the normal amount - less than MY normal amount.

CDC has advised to go to GP about all my side effects as CD HQ told her that it shouldn't be the diet that is causing all this - although I didn't feel like this when eating normally so maybe the diet has kicked off something in my body that I just wasn't aware of beforehand.

Haven't taken any more packs from her and will call her tomorrow when I have seen the GP and taken their advice. She has suggested that maybe SS/SS+ isn't enough for me and I should go up a plan or two, but I really don't want to - I feel I may as well be on WW or SW if I'm gonna do that.

Also money is v. tight at the moment and I can't afford to buy food and packs together - one or the other I can just about handle.

Anyway, sorry for my long post but feel totally lost right now. Am going to hope my GP can help me tomorrow and take it from there.

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Thanks hun, yes I do feel depressed, but I also am fatigued, suffering one long irregular bleed, losing hair and struggling to focus/remember things. Think they may all be tied in together - possibly thyroid, maybe something else - am hoping the GP will be able to help :(


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Good luck at the doctors tomorrow and feel better soon.



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I know it's not the loss itself getting you down - but I just wanted to say that 13 pounds in four weeks is fantastic. The thing is, you're much nearer goal than you were, so you're just not going to see the losses you saw when you were bigger. So give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done - especially as you've felt so lousy.


IMHO, I think it's becoming clear that you do need to either go up the plans, or try a different diet. If you're not well - and clearly you're not - then your poor body needs more calories than you're currently giving it.

I think that somehow, in your head, you've convinced yourself that doing SS, and SS alone, is the only way you can possibly lose weight. And of course, it isn't. All diets work. They just don't necessarily work as quickly. Somehow, you've turned your weightloss journey into something of a race.

Hand on heart, does it really matter whether you lose the rest of your weight over the next few months, or whether it takes the rest of the year, so long as you get there?

The thing is, you need to get there in one piece. :) Cos there's no point in getting there if you don't feel well enough to enjoy it, is there?

I'm glad you're going to see the doctor - I just hope he/she's a nice one, and one who's willing to listen to what you tell him/her. The more I think about it though, the more I think you should admit that you're doing CD. Not all GPs are dismissive of VLCDs - many are in fact really supportive these days and the results you've already achieved on the plan speak for themselves.

Sending you lots of positive vibes :vibes: in the hope that you feel loads better soon.



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personally i think the long bleed gives the game away... i am pretty sure its the diet (the other symptoms are also familiar with me).
if its not agreeing with you then you really should try something different. its not worth feeling crap! being on ss should make you feel happy and positive not depressed and weak...
have a break from it and see if a month or so on a different weight loss plan makes you feel different. if the bleed stops as soon as you stop the cd ss then its def this diet.
i also had the bleeding when i did the atkins diet, so i would swear its linked to ketogenic diets for me at least!
good luck hun and chin up, hope you feel better soon xxxxx


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Thanks so much for your posts guys, it has made me feel loads better.

I went to see my GP this morning. It turned out to be a locum but she was great - not in telling me what to do, but she wasn't unsupportive of CD which had been my worry. She asked me how she could help and I told her I felt rubbish - tired, bleeding, moody, light-sensitive, depressed, and generally crappy.

She straight away took my BP which was normal so said it's not due to stress, and then said she will run a full set of bloods as she's concerned it could be one of a number of possible things. She didn't say anything about the diet other than how well I've done to lose 13lbs. So I'm having my bloods taken on Monday and then will just have to wait and see if they lead to a diagnosis. She also asked me to complete this quiz thing to see if I might have depression.

I filled it out and I think I probably don't rate as depressed (although don't know what score = depression) but even if I do, I said that with all the other things that are wrong with me i.e. bleeding, fatigue etc. it's not surprising I feel down. Plus I don't have a lot of the telltale signs of depression.

She didn't really advise either way what to do about the diet but I have decided that I will come off SS until I've had the results of my tests and go by the principles of SW in the meantime. Was gonna do WW but think having to point everything is a bit of a grind and I often feel hungry on it as I waste my points on junk, with SW I don't have to worry so much!

Thanks for your support everyone and will let you know how I get on with my results when they come back. If they show I've been feeling rubbish because there's something not right with me that they can then treat, then I may well come back to CD as it clearly isn't the diet. If they come back all ok, then I guess it must be the diet and will have to stick to SW and face facts that it'll take me much longer to get to goal.

You are right though, it's not worth sacrificing my health and sense of wellbeing for a faster weightloss. Not in the long run.

Thanks xxxxxxxx


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Hurrah for locum GPs! :clap:

So glad your appointment went so well and you were taken seriously. And I think the decision to come off SS for now is a good one, just while you find out if there is anything amiss. SW is a great diet (don't know if you've done it before?). :)

I know I probably don't need to tell you this, but keep in mind that a few pounds will inevitably come back on, thanks to the renewed glycogen and water stores - so it might be best to stay away from the scales just for now, for the sake of your sanity. :D

Really hope you get some answers soon!



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So glad you had a nice doctor that listened, i had depression a few tears ago, its not nice at all,i filled out one of those questionaires (cant remember what results were) and the first thing she said was ill give you tablets, which i really didnt want, hoping you feel better soon xx