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GP referal scheme


rainbows holiday buddy :)
I got refered to my local council sports centre on the GP referal scheme in Jamuary this year, although it was April before I was seen. The girl I seen initially wasn't going to help me at all, as in her words I was already very active ( I went walking and swimming once a week :rolleyes:). She relented though when I pointed out that I was over 20st and needed all the help I could get. Since then she's been fab lol I had a gym induction, and I go to the gym 3 times a week, and the members card I got gets me reduced prices on everything. I go to aqua aerobics there as well as using the swimming pool.
The only down thing I could say is that my local authority do not have enough staff to handle the referals. I waited almost 4 months to get that first appointment. It was still worth it though :)


rainbows holiday buddy :)
oh that's interesting - i've never actually met anyone who's done it!

do you find that the increased activity has helped you lose more weight?

i currently do no exercise, just the odd burst! however i'm planning on doing something in the autumn/winter, as i'm starting to wobble!
It has helped with the weight loss Karen, but I think also its helped with my self confidence. Once I got over the initial * I'm going to be the largest person there* syndrome, I really enjoyed it. My sister thinks I'm nuts as I absolutely love the gym, and once my 6 months through the scheme are up, I'm taking out a full gym membership.
Also the exercise high you get after a really good work out is pretty fab too ;) :D
Thats relly good, mod-karen - why dont you register now, if the waiting list is that long than it should come in for you in October when you want.
Good Luck


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i used the gp referral scheme last year and was given a membership to my local gym.
i was hesitant and nervous but equally determined and the first session was brilliant. i was given a personal training plan to follow on every visit.
the next 2 weeks were good. went 3 times in the first week.
but then on my second visit on the second week i was in for a shock.
i arrived for my workout .
i was still very self conscious but was getting a little more comfortable with the surroundings.
this changed dramatically when i walked in and found a 15 year old lad sitting at the desk in the gym.
he was on work placement from his school and for the whole time i was there he stared at me :(.
he wasnt even supervised as the trainers had gone to their offices for lunch so he was there alone.
i felt sick with humiliation and eventually i couldnt bare it anymore and i started to leave. my slotted time was 1 hour and i stayed about 35 minutes.
on the way out i bumped into the guy who designed my personal plan and he asked why i was leaving so early.
i explained how embarrassed i was and was very close to tears.
he was very very apologetic and asked me to 'please come back for my next session and he would make sure i wasnt put through that again'
sadly the damage was already done and as i left the building i knew in my heart that i wouldnt return.
my biggest fear when i first plucked up the courage to go to the gym was that people will stare and the fact that he had done just that brought my fears into the real world and i simply couldnt face that again.
sorry to babble on about it but even now i am quite bitter about the fact that going to the gym added to my insecurities:cry:


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Cheryl that is a horrible thing to have happened to you.. but there is a part of me that feels that you should have returned to the gym with your head held high.. after all you are on your weight loss journey and should be proud of yourself. Too many of us fall because of what others say or do.. I am very guilty of that one (currently addressing my work situation as I am beginning to think I deserve a better job with more money..I haven't had the confidence to feel I did before) Maybe this boy did stare, but he is young and foolish. And if on work experience he wont be there now.. call the gym, speak to the actual manager and explain how you felt.. Im sure they would pull out all the stops to make sure you were welcomed and felt comfortable on your return. You enjoyed going so give it another try. :D


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What an arse - not you the 15 year old boy who really should know better than to stare at people, he obviously has not be brought up to respect other peoples 'personal space'. You have done a fab job going to the gym , why should he spoil that for you? Go back, get some headphones with a player with music you love to listen to and then you can be in your own private world - I put my headphones in, wear a baseball hat and with the peak slightly down I cannot see other people working out and even if they are looking at me i can't see them!
Aw Cheryl poor you - I admire you for going in the first place, you're much braver than me. Good on you Ems regarding the job - you go gal, what sorta thing do you fancy? xxx


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i aint too keen on the gym either, but if i go i will try and go at quiet times. i'd prefer to go swimming or play golf though. i'm not really into the idea of going red and sweaty on a machine while other people swan about posing and drinking water!
I asked about this, but in my borough, they do not offer it, which i think is shame, considering in the surrounding boroughs they do.

In Enfield, they have 'health trainers' who you can make a appointment with, who basically just tell you how to lead a healthy life, what exercise you should be doing etc.

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