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Grandma's 3rd Weigh In


Totally Focused
3rd Weigh in today. I'm a bit disappointed I only lost 3.5lbs - but in the whole scheme of things, its still a loss! It makes a total of 22lbs in 3 weeks so I know I am doing really well - but I had stuck to it so rigidly again and had hoped for more.

Oh, well, every little counts and I am losing the inches!

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Loving the Cambridge Diet
A loss of 3/4lbs is normal whilst SSing and is FABULOUS!!

Well done!

I lost 17lbs my first week on SS, then 4lbs every week for weeks on end!



Totally Focused
Thank you all for being so positive for me - it gives me a boost! I think I am only disappointed as I have been so GOOD all the time!!

As you say, shape is changing - and I have lost 4 inches off my waist and my hips already!

Hi Grandma 3.5lbs is half a pound more than i lost this week on week 3 so don't be down. It's still a loss and like you I have lost inches too. STBG is right you wouldn't have anywhere near the loss you have already on WW.

Stick with it and remember the average is a stone a month, you're well above average for this month already and you still have a week to go.

Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
Hi Grandma

22lb in 3 weeks is nothing short of fantastic .... and you've smashed your first target of 20lb by the end of Feb, with 10 days to spare!!

3.5lb is a good loss for a week, especially with the temptations that had been placed in your path whilst away with your hubby last weekend (only read your post, didn't leave a message) - well done to you, and keep up the good work.

Stay strong, you're doing great xx


Totally Focused
I've just come back home - I've been looking after my little granddaughter all day while her mummy and daddy went for their 30 week scan - to find all your wonderful supportive messages.

Thank you so much - you make me feel so much better - and yes, 22lbs in 3 weeks IS amazing! As you say, I have broken this month's target and I am well on the way to my next big target so I am doing well. You have put it into perspective for me - and that was what I needed.

Bless you all!
Well done Chris- great weght loss and your inch loss is phenominal!!
Keep it up - Mary Anne xx


Totally Focused
Saying thank you to all you supportive, wonderful people doesn't seem enough! But I really do mean it. Your support and encouragement is FANTASTIC!
Grandma that's wonderful!!!!! You're doing so well :)


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Grandma you are doing bloody fantastic, just think your a gorgeous granny and you will be even better when the other 3 come along soon!! Keep up the good work and you will soon be crawling on the floor playing and jumping back up!!

Lots of Love..

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