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Grandma's Week 11 Weigh In


Totally Focused
Very pleased again today - another 4.5lbs off to make 52lbs, that's 3stone 10lbs, in 11 weeks! :D

Can you see the difference in the pictures? Still pretty hefty, but moving rapidly in the right direction.

No further news on Himself. He is still waiting to be seen again by the consultants for the angiogram in his legs. Hopefully, they are due to do a ward round at 6pm today so I shall see them with him and we may know more about the prognosis and what they are going to do next, when and why! CD is so wonderful when I am rushing around as it is SO easy and one less thing to have to think about!

Twins are both doing really well - off all monitors now and beginning to suckle. Grandchild No 4 is due in 13 days! Lydia can't wait for her new baby brother or sister but told me yesterday, 'Grandma, we have to wait and see what we get till we know what to call it!' She will be 3 next Tuesday!!
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Hey Grandma - congratulations on brilliant losses and you can really see a difference in the pictures. Your face is much slimmer and looks really fresh and bright - well done!
Hey 'Glam-ma'...
Looking fab in the photo.
Well done on the loss, wish my losses were still as big :-(
Good news on twins and keep us posted on next arrival.
You really have got so much going on at the mo, bet keeping busy is helping your losses!


Full Member
Good grief Grandma!:eek: You are totally amazing!
Just as I was getting fed up and bored with it, I see your post and feel all inspired again!
Well done you
Well done on your FAB loss!

I'm glad to hear the twins are doing well, and that hopefully the consultants will get that Angiogram for your husband.

You look so much happier and healthier in your photo's, and you can definitely see the weight loss between the 2 pictures.

Wow Grandma you look fantastic and so much younger! Well done you! Glad to hear the twins are doing so well and good luck for the next arrival!! Much love to you and your Hubby too, hope you get good results today and he's back on the road to recovery asap. Big hugs and well done - you're an inspiration bb xxx
That is fanastic news, you're a real inspiration. Just hope I can have as big a loss as you. :)


Totally Focused
Thank you so much for your kind words everybody.

The secret to success on this diet, I think, is to stick to it 100% and to drink as much water as possible. Then its easy! I haven't cheated once in 11 weeks - and I've never been this successful with a diet before. I really believe I CAN do it with CD!
Oh wow- fantastic Chris. Amazing weight loss- and in the face of adversity too!
The difference is mega- and you look so well !!!
An inspiration as always


Totally Focused
Just back from the hospital. The news is positive but not good! The wound on Himself's foot is not healing as well as they had hoped due to the decreased blood supply to the foot. The consultant has said that it is imperative that they try the angioplasty in the next couple of days to ensure that the blood can get through to speed the healing process. They have, however, confirmed that he will be in there for at least 3 months! He is quite down about that: I'm not best pleased, but I would rather have him home then fit and well as opposed to sooner in a poor state of health or even in a box, to put not too fine a point on it.

At least today I've been able to take him out in the wheelchair, had his hair cut at the hospital hairdressers. sat and had a coffee together and a chance to have a really good private chat - more than you can ever get on the ward!!

As I've said before, thank God for CD as I don't have to think about what I'm going to eat! I can just do it all on autopilot - and reap the benefits of the weight loss in the bargain!! Just one less thing for me to worry about at the moment!!
Sorry to hear about this Chris. At least you know now about how long he will be in hospital. Really hope they can do the angio and get the healing sorted.
luv-MA xx
Congratulations on your weight loss. You have done so well considering all the other things going on in your life. You can certainly notice a difference in the pictures. You look great.:)

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