Granola, UGH!!!


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Add some fruit to it :) A small banana perhaps as they are sweet.

I've found that over time my sweet tooth has readjusted so that things like the granola taste sweet and Frosties, which used to be my main cereal, now taste yuck - I forced myself to switch to sugar free muesli about two years ago and thought it was awful and is way worse than the granola but stuck with it. It works for cakes too, which I now find really sickly. Unfortunately, chocolate and sweets still taste as good as ever though.

Will be interested to see whether you find in a month or so it has the same effect :)


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hi god i love the granola try the treacle and pecan thats really sweetxx


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Oooh i loved th original one so much that i actually buy it now to eat even though im not doing DC anymore.. lol.. i usually put in a handful of grapes.. or cut up some strawberrys..

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I have berries on my granola - blue or rasp usually, but I have it with muller light vanilla or banana & custard yoghurt (half pot) and I think it's gorgeous!


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Hi there I really like the granola mixed with 0%fat yoghurt - usually mullerlight vanilla. Its yummy then. I also add some berries or banana.


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Thanks guys, I'll give it another try and see how it goes... :sigh: Tried the beef casserole last night and that wasn't bad, just need to add some seasoning!