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Grape nuts cereal - Healthy Extra?


I will be a Princess!


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I love grape nuts! They're so random but my dad used to always buy them when we were little- "stays crunchy in milk"! Once our local Tesco stopped selling them so my dad wrote a letter of complaint!
The handbook says that 28g Grape-Nuts cereal counts as a heb (they're under Kraft rather than Post as the brand; Kraft own Post now). I love grape nuts as well! :)
Nope, no scan bran, just the grape nuts alone - they must be full of fibre! They certainly need some chewing :D

I'll have to seek out a box myself now I've remembered about them, hurrah!
I've never heard of them - what are they most like? I have discovered a new love for breakfast cereals with a mullerlight and fruit, so I'm on the lookout for new additions!


I will be a Princess!
It's hard to describe what they're like! They're a wheat and malted barley cereal, and I definitely can taste the malt. But I love that so all is good :) I think they'd be very nice with mullerlight and fruit as they're very crunchy, so a bit more like a muesli addition to yoghurt :) xx


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They'd be really good sprinkled on yogurt - almost like a granola substitute (but without the hefty granola syns!)


I had some today for the first time. I had mine with sweetener, milk and sliced banana. After stirring , the banana was coated with this lovely crunchy taste! Just wished I could have more than 28g :-(

I also love cereal. So I have in my cupboard - Weetabix, Oatibix minis, Weetabix crunchy bran , shreddies, high fibre alpen, all bran, special K sustain and grapenuts. My faves are the 42g ones lol


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