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Great news!!

Well as some of ya may have realized as I have been talking about moving to cd over this past few weeks as the chemist I was going to was too far away from me and didnt suit the hours that I worked. Well thankfully Lipotrim head office have been doing everything they could for me and they said I could continue with LT as long as I proved my status via passport details and gmc (general medical council) number and as long as I go to my gp once a month to monitor my progress and to weigh myself once a week and have continued weight loss then they see no reason why I shouldnt stay on it and the packs will be delivered to the hospital pharmacist without them registering for it. The only problem is that its going to take around 6 weeks to set up (as they have to do all the checks including CRB) so for now I am moving to CD and back on LT after the wedding. I am off to see the cdc later on this evening to get some products and get a wi.

Sorry guys but it looks like im staying for the long haul!! :D I love the LT forum as everyone is extremley friendly and supportive so will still be posting my progress here. I have still got a long way to go which includes a whole 9 stone to lose and I have no intentions of giving up now! Anyone need a buddy? :D
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Yep I think so too.....lol. did ya have a nice birthday? Im heading in the direction of your diary to catch up
Ahh that is fabulous news hon, wat a palava you have to go through though to get it sorted? I guess they have to though.
Well good look with your meeting with the CD counsellor, hope it goes well. You will have to keep us all updated with what it's like etc xxx
Ooooh I'm so glad you're staying. I'm here for the long haul too another ten stone to lose :eek:
Well done to losing 17 stone as well!! We should buddy up as we have the same amount to lose!! Gud for ya!
aww and there was me thinking I was after getting rid of you finally! ;) glad to see its sorting out and best of luck with cdc tonight!
Thanks hun, when are ya starting those support groups?

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Glad you are staying. You have about the same amount to lose as my sister loulouless. XX
i didnt think lou had that much to lose but hey we can all support each other and she is doing amazing!
gonna formulate a plan after work.. during gym time I think and post something here and go from there..

Could be good.. could be a disaster!
Ya never know if it worked for cd it could work for us as well. Let us know when its up and running
That's fab news!!! I am so glad you are staying, your posts have kept me going while I have been at such a low ebb over the last few weeks.

It will be CD's loss but our gain (not literally, I hope) Lol. :D:D
hey there thats fabulous news! Its really nice of head office to care to go to that trouble :D

also its great to know that you are going to be sticking around :D:D:D was gonna miss you :eek:


Below 190lbs... wohooo
That's good news. Well guess what.. I've swapped to CD today. Have to say I've found it a lot easier. I am doing the one where you can add a meal tho. I figure weight loss will be slower but I'm more likely to stick to it. In all honesty, after trying the CD shakes I don't think you'll go back to LT. The shakes are scrummy and I've only had 3! Still got the porridge and bars to try yet. I still wanna stay on the LT forum tho, fingers crossed no one will mind
Glad to hear you got that sorted hun. Good luck with the CDC.

I started with over 9 stone to lose and can see the finishing line. It has been hard work but thanks to the lovely people I have met on this forum I have been able to stick in there for the long haul. I started with the intention of doing just 6 weeks as a kick start but the success stories of many on here, including Nicki, Gaz and Monsoon, really inspired me to continue and believe that I could do this this time!


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