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Great question in Developers/thought records


has started again!!
Last night in Developers our topic was the old Thought Record...

As we chatted about how we use them, what we do with them etc one lady asked the question "I wonder if those people who keep regular and detailed diaries are often slim? After all, they are writing down their thoughts, feelings etc on a very regular basis rather than turning to food, arent they?"

We all deliberated on this for some time! Regretfully I dont know any diary keepers, so I couldnt answer but it did pique my interest.

We went on to discuss how complicated many LL'ers feel the "official" thought record actually is. (Although with the help of Mrs L's TR thread, it is making more sense to me!). Our LLC, who was one of the two locums our "reall" LLC uses told us, completely unofficially, that however you write them, there is no right or wrong to thought records. If you find writing your thoughts, feelings, reactions to situations down in a diary type format is of benefit to you, rather than the official "hot thought - response - what might I have done before", then just go for it. She said that (off the LL record) sometimes because we are a little befuddled by the official layout, we might not bother with a thought record when it could well be the very thing we need to do. By writing things down in a way we can relate to , that is just for us, so that in the future or even in the here & now it helps, its got to be worth doing!

I for one am off into town now to buy a gorgeous notebook, just for me to use (better hide it from my daughter!) and hope it helps!!
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Mrs Lard

Silver Member
Hi Sez

That sounds wonderful! I am so glad the Thought Record (how to guide) helped and I really had hoped that people would feel there is no right or wrong way! It's just YOUR way that matters, whatever that is. And that's the key thing to remember.

I am absolutely convinced that people who regularly write - by hand, on the net, whatever - DO hold their weight. That's partly why I started - to help me and to help other LighterLifers behind me. There were blogs that really, really helped me when I started - Ice Moose's was one of them. As was gaijingirl's. And minimins is an essential component of the diet journey.

Anyway, if you'd like an example of an inspirational dieter, then please visit The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl. It's an incredible read (she's been blogging for years) and lost a huge amount of weight in the process.

I am so glad your Development sessions are going well. And here's a positive stroke for a Friday - you are so inspirational in the way you have stayed with this diet AND posted so much of YOUR journey on minimins. I know that many of us have been inspired by YOU!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lxxxx
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Hi Sez
If you still havnt got your notebook yet, they had a GORG E OUS one on the checkout desk at Assezorise it was just so lovely Pink with lovely design on it and the pages had a lovely butterfly design on! I always think the Butterfly is a great symbol for us dieters as thats what we will be be when we emerge at the other end of our weight loss journey... Beautiful creatures set free from not so beautiful coocoons of fat!
Crazy I know , but so true!!
Good uLck with the thought diary.


has started again!!
Thanks HCW! No, I didn't buy one yet as once again, I got side tracked when I was in town and ended up buying a lovely cotton sundress for my hols!!! It was in Wallis and a bargain, £35 down to £5!!! (Mind you, it was never worth £35 to sart with, I reckon!)

Might pop back in to Monsoon to day to see if they have the notebook there. We have a huge Monsoon, its fab, but no separate Accesorize. :(

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