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Great technique for sustainability!!

Hi everyone. I have done SW on and off for many years and have always stuck primarily to 'red' days - I have seen great results very quickly doing this but have always inevitably gone off track as I missed carbs. I can't get my head round EE so have never tried that but I just wanted to share something that has helped me massively over the last month in the hope it may help others also?

A friend of mine told me that he loses very well simply by alternating between red and green days - one red, one green, one red, one green etc etc. I was VERY sceptical but thought I would give it a swizz and I have to say it is fantastic! I have lost a stone in three weeks, I am not getting that feeling where I am craving carbs (or protein) or anything. It is the easiest I have EVER found it.

Granted I lose quicker on all red days BUT it is nigh on impossible to miss out carbs - I would rather lose slower but be able to stick to it!!
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i always do a mixture of both but not in any particular order if that makes sense, like sometimes i might have two reds in a row or throw in an EE day - variety is the spice of life they say!! :D glad you have found something that works for you hun, 1st in 3 weeks is bloomin awesome!! xx
I didn't think for a second it would work but there are four of us doing it - a bloke (he started at 15.5 stone, woman was 13stone, other one was 16 stone then me) and we have all lost pretty much a stone doing it this way. I am going to play about with it a bit, like maybe doing 2 red, two green or two red one green etc but it seems to work really well and you never ever feel you're missing out as you've only a day or two until your next carb or protein fix!!
emma-louise what has your average weekly loss been doing it your way, mixing the two plans? x I admit I actually used to lose more on all reds but impossible to stick to long term.
I have only done EE - never joined SW before as the whole red and green thing just seemed unsustainable.

Is there much difference between a week of EE and a week of swapping between red and green?
Hi OP, I have planned to alternate next week between red and green - I usually only follow green since I am a carb junky, but am looking to boost my losses.
Thanks for your post, this had really motivated me and hopefully will lead to a good loss for me Monday 23/08 :)
When I first ever joined SW 10 years ago, I did this right from the start. I can't remember if my consultant advised it, but I remember if I was on a green day and I really fancied something that would be better on red, I would just think to myself, never mind, I'll have it tomorrow, and that way I never felt I missed out and just looked forward to the following day.
I had forgotten about this though, so thanks for reminding me. I will definatly give it a try again.
All three of us are doing fantastically well on it, next week's weigh in will be a little more telling as it will be a month in so more 'settled'. I love it, I honestly feel for the first time ever that I am going to be able to manage it long term! If I am missing meat on a green day I only have one sleep until I can have some!
Another VERY nteresting thing we've all noticed is if we weigh the day after a red we put on!! If we wait until a day after a green we lose really well! So I only ver weigh after a green day as I don't go to a class.
I do a mix of all three, just do whatever I feel like on the day. Seems to work will see how my losses go.
emma-louise what has your average weekly loss been doing it your way, mixing the two plans? x I admit I actually used to lose more on all reds but impossible to stick to long term.
hi, erm overall my average weekly loss is about 2lbs a week, but i dont stick to it religiously i just do whatever day i feel like at the time. well done on your losses, but remember as your body gets used to the plan your losses will slow down whichever combination of plans you follow xx
I think everyone is different, for example one of my friends has appalling losses if he touches much fruit whereas it doesn't affect me much. Some people do well on carbs, others don't. I guess it is horses for courses, for me this works well not in terms of the losses but in terms of it being more manageable if that makes sense? I will be thrilled if I can lose 2lb a week, as I said next week's weigh in will be more telling I think as things will have 'settled' somewhat.

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