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Greedy or needy???

After posting yesterday's thread about how much artificial sweetener I use, I got to thinking about my relationship with food in general and how I always seem to have more of things than 'normal'. I always have to have my salads slathered in dressing or loads of gravy on my dinner for example. I always look for the biggest potato or the largest piece of chicken, I always want the widest slice of cake or, even when I'm on plan, the food with the biggest weight or the most bulk and then I STILL want more. That in itself is probably what gives lots of people their weight problem but the thing is .... when I DON'T get the biggest piece or there isnt a bigger portion to be had, I get quite stressed and feel cheated. If extra food has been cooked, I feel quite anxious when I'm eating in case someone else finishes first and I don't get to have it. When we go out for a meal and I have to order my food, I'm constantly looking at the meals coming out of the kitchen to see what meal gives you most and I find choosing quite an anxiety-inducing moment in case I choose something that turns out to be a small portion! It makes me so frustrated - why do I behave this way around food? I'm not like this about anything else. Am I ok? Does anybody else feel this way? Am I just greedy or needy??????? xxx
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That's cool! Now you've spotted that trend you have the power to try and change it. Don't beat yourself up about it. You've reflected on your habits and found the strength to be honest. Fantastic! This could be a life-changing discovery if you use it positively!! xx
I think you have done so well to recognise this now and congrats for being so honest and posting it up here. I think lucky7 is right in that you have discovered there may be an issue here therefore you are part way there to solving it. Do you feel hungry after eating, in that you dont have that satisfied feeling after a meal? I know my mum has this and can eat a meal and constantly graze after as she doesnt get that full feeling? or is it something else? I can almost hear your mind ticking away trying to work it all out. Good luck :) x x


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What an incredibly honest post and one that I could have written a few years ago had I been honest enough with myself.

Greedy or needy? I don't believe people are particularly 'greedy' when it comes to food. Not really. Needy? Yes, but not necessarily because your body needs the food, but because it's an escape mechanism for something else.

I believe that leptin has a lot to answer for. This is the obesity hormone that makes people search out high calorie foods, make them hungrier, makes them crave. It's a fascinating hormone.

I would also guess you have a history of dieting and this can make your leptin levels drop, causing this kind of reaction.

But...I do think it's also fear. I know I used to be the same, and in fact, when I was 'off' diet (as was my pattern:eek:) I'd purposely chose high calorie foods just because I felt I could, and that I'd get my monies worth from them.:eek:

What was I frightened of? I guess I always lived in the irrational belief that this was my one opportunity to eat. Almost a starvation reaction (possibly leptin again). The fear that the opportunity wouldn't arise again for a while, so I had to make the most of it. Strangely, I didn't always make the most of actually eating. Often it was gobbled down without really tasting.

Sometimes we have to face the fear though. Teach ourselves that food will always be there for us. That if someone else has what we believe to be our 'need', then it doesn't matter...there's always tomorrow.

I remember I used to worry if I had something in the fridge that was MINE, and someone else in the family ate it. It was if they had stolen my best friend. Deprived me of something I 'needed'. And what if they wanted a portion of my bar of chocolate? Yes panic! Yet I'm a giving type of person, just found it hard when it came to food.

But you know, it's curable ;) Just need to practice taking the small one, giving some of it away. Learning that nothing terrible happens in the process. That it really doesn't matter.

Well, that was my experience anyway.
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I think that one factor may be how we were brought up around food. Did you have to finish everything on your plate? Did people go on and on about wasting food?

I remember being told off for not eating the fat on sliced ham (I just couldn't!) because it was such a waste!!
Just want to say thanks so much for the encouragement and kind words everyone, especially the post from KD which rang a lot of bells for me and reflected exactly how I feel. Its a big comfort to know that I can post something so personal on here and be taken seriously and respected. Hmmm - lots of food for thought - if you excuse the pun!!!!!!! xxxxxxx

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