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Greedyguts Slimfast Diary

Thought I'd keep a record of what I eat :)

Start weight 14 stone 12 lbs 2 ounces on 27/8/11

Target weight 10 stone

Not sure how long it will take me to get there! I have a new year break to look forward to! Hopefully I'll be well on my way by then! I also have the wedding of tge year in May which I would love to wear my mam's dress from Coast!! My mam is 10 stone 3 lbs and it fits her :) will need to lose 3 dress sizes.

Ok here goes:

Day 1:

Fruits of the forest smoothie
Banana bliss shake
Salt and vinegar snack a jacks (89 cals)
SF heavenly choc bar (95 cals)
Veggie chilli and rice from pub (hopefully not more than 716 cals)
1 litre of water :-(

I had waves of hunger in the morning and realised I didn't have my snacks in between shakes. Was soooooo looking forward to real food for my tea even tho I wasn't particularly hungry.

Sarah xxx
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Cheers Lass!! How are you doing? xxx
Day 2:

Kelloggs crunchy nut peanut bar (150 cals)
SF Chocolate Shake
300g of strawberries (84 cals)
SF Summer Strawberry Shake
Veggie chilli & glass of Rose (666 cals)

Will check out the wine's cals and if it isn't too much will have a couple of baby pots with chilli.

Hiya just noticed this...

I will be keeping an eye on you herex

Do you have internet access at work?
I do at lunchtime :) if I take my iPod I can go on anytime but the way my workload is heading I'm lucky if I can get to the toilet!!

Will update as much as poss but it will generally be after work when I'm winding down!!

Change of plan, had veggie chilli with chilli Cous Cous at 3pm!

Just had me strawberry shake and some strawberries!!

Just had them cos I have to have them not cos I was hungry. I'm shocked at how I'm not starving all day!! Can I really survive on less cals? Or have the shakes got some added ingredient to stop u feeling hungry?

Anyway, after day 2, this SlimFast malarkey aint too bad :)

Having an evening with the OH choosing some of his photos to print off and frame for the living room :) he takes some fantastic photos!! (mucho proud) and starting Season 4 of Dexter :)

The wine can wait for another nite!! Off to Bamburgh Castle tmrw - can't wait!!

Sarah xxx
I will eat all my snacks etc as I know it has a negative effect on yr weight loss!!

Just hope the weather is at least dry!! xxx
Hi where did you find the SF smoothies cos I love those but thought they had been discontinued!! No idea why they did thsat as they are yum!! :D
I got the fruits of the forest from asda £1 a bottle :) xxx
Day 3:

Bananaberry shake
Half a cantaloupe melon
Piece of fudge (from bamburgh castle - oops)
2 x pink and White (100 cals)
Stir fry with vermicelli noodles and soy & garlic sauce (500 cals)
Glass of Rose (120 cals)

Gonna snuggle up on sofa with OH and watch Avatar :) he got it on Bluray for his birthday and has been dying for me to watch it.

Hope everyone has had a good day!! Will e back on track with the shakes tmrw!! I haven't overeaten today, I just haven't followed the plan as such.

Mmmmm another Rosé fan here:D Well done on your food choices today too, looks like you have done really well.
I'm not a fan of Rose this morning!! I had 2 glasses and I have a fuzzy head!! Got up at 5:30am to stick chicken breast in oven for OH's lunch so I'm back in bed for 10 mins!!

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! Could sleep for a fortnight!!

Hope you have a good day with the kids :) film nite sounds fun!! We ended up watching dexter when he told me Avatar was on for nearly 3 hrs!! Will have to watch it in the middle of the day for me to have a chance of seeing it to the end lol xxx
Ha ha ha I've always told Andy I'm a cheap date!! Lol. I don't drink much really just a bottle of wine a couple of times a month maybe (spread over a few days)!!

My boozing days are long over!! xxx
Day 4:

Bananaberry shake
300g strawberries (90 cals)
5 kiwi fruits sliced (70 cals)
Lemon Meringue shake
Greggs sausage roll (240 cals - bad bad bad bad bad girl)
2 caramel snack a jacks (100 cals)
Mushroom burger (146 cals)
Jacket potato (250 cals)
2 fish cakes (168 cals)
Baked beans (163 cals)

Did 20 min walk at lunchtime. Going for walk after I eat my tea.

Being back at work is the tester!! Will try harder tmrw and eat my breakfast later!!

Sarah xxx
Its funny isnt it, I find being a sahm mum harder as I have full 24hr access to the kitchen! Plus having to organise lunches and snacks etc...makes me want to eat all the time.

When I worked I didnt gain weight so quickly or at least lost it a lot easier!

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