Green Banana's Vegan diary


S: 13st7.8lb G: 9st9lb
Welcome to my diary!

Today is my first day. Green days, 2 Hex B and Hex A. 15 syns.
I will generally type out my menu in the morning and then edit the next day or later in the evening as it gives me focus in the morning to set out my plan in advance and then accountability when I review and edit how it actually went. I may use any extra syns leftover on something else/extra. It will be more accurate of what I actually did eat tomorrow morning. Thanks for reading and good luck with your journey.


B: 35g porridge (hexb1), 1 cup oat milk (hexa1), 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds (hexb2). 1 tsp agave (1 syn), 1 banana
L: couscous salad with chickpeas
D: potato, beans and aubergine casserole with white rice and cabbage.

Snack: mini moos crunchy bar 7 sys
200 ml chocolate oat milk (hexa2)
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S: 13st7.8lb G: 9st9lb
ok on 29 /11 it was more like:
b:porrdige banana oat milk 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds 1tsp agave 0.5s (hexa1, hexb2)
L: couscous salad potato wedges sriarcha 1s
s: mini moo crunchy 7s
D: potato beans and veg casserole, 1 tbsp nutritional yeast 0.5s
rice with 1 tbsp. nutritional yeast 0.5s
strawberry and mango smoothie 5 syns

total 14.5s


S: 13st7.8lb G: 9st9lb

b: 3 linda sausages 1.5s , ketchup 1 syn 2 tomato, baked beans, 2tsp strawberry jam 1.5 syns 2 toast heb1 and 2 oat milk hexa1
l: potato casserole with rice
d: couscous salad
s: mini moo bar crunchy 7 syns
nutritional yeast 1tbsp 0.5
butternut squash soup
syns: 11


S: 13st7.8lb G: 9st9lb

branflakes hexb 2 oat milk hexa
1 tbsp. pumpkin seeds, 1 tbsp. sultanas and raisins, 5 walnut halves

pret a manger avocado and Kalamata sandwich

2 pints of cider

vegan pizza

4 linda rosemary sausages
1 tbsp. ketchup

Not good at all!

This morning I sneaked a look at the scales.. another bad idea.. I know it's not a true reflection but old habits and all that..
anyway -0.5lb. Official weigh in on Tuesday.

Back to plan!

Plan for today is :

B: 2 linda rosemary sausages with a tomato, almond breeze original hexa.
L: leftover potato and bean casserole
S: couscous salad
D: either tomato and veg pasta with salad or jacket with beans and nutritional yeast.
Not sure how i'll use my syns up yet.
I'll post tomorrow what I actually ate.

Nevermind, moving forwards today.


S: 13st7.8lb G: 9st9lb
I knew it would be a bad idea but I did it anyway. Yes, I stepped on the scales. And it showed a pound gain on my original starting weight.
I have 4 days until my official weigh in day. Now if I can just avoid the scales until then!

Yesterday actually went like this:


2 linda rosemary onion sausages 1 tomato 1 tbsp ketchup 1 syn original almond breeze hexa1
couscous salad 1 tbsp sriarcha 0.5 syn
L: leftover potato bean casserole 1 tsp nutritional yeast 0.5 syn bouillon drink
s: 2 satsumas 2 bananas snack a jack 4.5 syns
D: linda rosemary sausage, kidney beans, pasta, pepper with veg and 8 black olives 1 syn and nutritional yeast (2 tbsp 1 syn)
2tbsp just mayo 7 syns OMFG
total: 15.5 syns
shocked about the may-o syns!!

see you tomorrow!