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I deleted my old food diary twice because the pressure was getting too much and frankly, I was fed up of hearing myself moaning about not sticking to plan!
I restarted on Monday 17th October and hopefully I can stay with it a bit better this time- have managed four days and that's better than previous efforts let me tell you!
Food has been on plan. Not even mostly. It HAS been on plan, 100%.
I have learned that I need to be prepared to prevent shoving a sandwich on a plate at lunchtime and chips in the oven for dinner. Dusting off the slow cooker and planning, planning, planning.
I've also (since Monday) avoided processed sugary things. I know we can have them (synned of course) but it wreaks havoc with my hunger and I waste syns on crap food. So I'm aiming for more natural stuff with the odd bit of sugar free jelly/sweetener. Not quite ready to cut ties with that yet!
So here I am, ready to start posting again and with a little luck I will get back to target (around 9lbs to lose) and stay there for longer than 5 minutes.
Today I have had a Green Day. I like Green- I appreciate the additional healthy extras and enjoy vegetarian food. It looked like this:
Breakfast: Shreddies and milk (hexa1 & hexb1)
Lunch: 2 apples (whilst picking them!) and curry style rice. Alpen (hexb2)
Dinner: Pasta with Quorn chicken, mushrooms, onions and cheese on top (hexa2)
No syns yet. I might have a full fat strawberry Greek yoghurt later if I want it. I think these are 4 syns but I don't have access to syns online (Lidl Greek yoghurts don't yield anything on Google other than the free 'greek style fat free' ones).
Phew! If you made it to the end, hats off to you :p
Hi T_T! Hope you've had a good day.
I've just got back from shopping for work tomorrow- supermarkets are so quiet at this time and I picked up some bargains!
Today I've mostly been rushing round like a headless chicken so, though a little odd, I have stayed on plan with another Green day.
B: Home-made granola (yum!) which works out as a hexb+2 syns. 2 syns worth of natural greek yoghurt, a sliced banana and 1 syn of honey
L: 2 sliced apples, crisps on the go (6)
T: banana porridge (stew wasn't ready in time!)
Total: 11
Home-made Granola
Makes: 4 portions, 1 HexB and 2 syns per portion (I think!)
160g oats (4 HexB)
40g golden syrup (8 syns)
1/4tsp nutmeg
1/4tsp cinnamon
Splash of vanilla extract
1 egg (to bind, I just used a white as I had one spare- don't even ask)
Mixed all together and spread out on baking parchment, baked at 150 degrees for 30 minutes, stirring half way through for even crunch.
ooo that sounds lovely, Poppet. I may have to give it a go! Perhaps once the weather is warmer again, and I don't want to use my HEXB for baked oatmeal every day that I possibly can!

I'm well - we never seem to get the bargains at our closest supermarket - but then we do live in student-ville. It was actually horrific when we went at 6.45ish today. I was ready to go home and try again later.
Funny you say that T_T because I want to try your baked oatmeal!
Mornings have been such a rush these last few weeks and I want to have time to experiment with it properly to get it right- maybe one to try tomorrow when things might feel a little less hectic.
I haven't been to Morrisons for ages and they had reduced a lot of veg- I got bags of onions and potatoes for 19p :)
Work today and of course, my cold is just coming in to full force. Woke up a few times in the night so going to need some coffee!
Wrapping up warm and hoping for the best.
The only thing I'm not prepared for today is lunch. I'm going to have my granola for breakfast as it kept me nice and full yesterday, and I've a pot of stew ready to heat up for tea. I think I'll take lots of fruit and hope the kids share the soup they are making!
Boo ! :D:D ... found ya ! So happy you have started a diary on here. Hope to catch up and have a full read very soon. In the meantime, hope you have a lovely weekend. Speak soon hun .

Kay xx
Hello lovely Kay! Nice to have you here :) Hope you are having a nice weekend too.
That's really good to know- I never thought about reheating them, d'oh! I'll have a go tomorrow and see how they turn out.
Plenty of fluids today and kept myself busy and therefore warm. I was fine whilst the kids were there but the hour pack up almost finished me off. I've never been so glad to sink into a bath. Put some epsom salts in too and feeling much more human!
Today has thrown me a little but if I can pull it back now (and resist the temptation of buying stuff at the supermarket) I should be OK!
B: Granola (hexb+2), yoghurt (2) honey (1) banana
L: Small bowl vegetable soup. Coffee with 1/2tsp sugar (0.5) Rice cake (2) 2 apples
Got home absolutely starving. Crisps (6) and cereal bar (5)
T: Homemade stew (1- gravy granules to thicken)
Total: 19.5

Forgot to mention upthread, I am testing weekly syns. For this reason I'm not too worried about going slightly over today- I've had days this week when I've been under but need to calculate how many I've got left for tomorrow!
Weigh in on Monday, I really hope there's a little difference as I know I've given it my best shot this week.
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I'll definitely pick some up and give it a try!
I'm not much use with pictures now mins doesn't have an app but maybe something to work towards.
Today has gone well (hurrah!) and I had another Green day. I calculated last night from my weekly syns I had 21.5 left to use, so my day went like this:
B: Beans & scrambled eggs on toast (Hexb+2) with a little pack of butter (1)
L: More toast (rushing!) so that's my second hexb, plus (2) for jam. Cracker (1)
T: Takeaway treat, curry and boiled rice. I had a mushroom dopiaza and I think it's around 11 syns going by the values in my old book. Resisted onion bhajis and naan!
Total: 17
Weigh in tomorrow, I have no idea what to expect and I'm actually pretty nervous. I last weighed before my weekend away, which is where my current weight value is. I'm sure I did some damage that weekend so I'm mentally preparing for a maintain. Cross your fingers for me!
Hi poppet , thought I'd come along and support. Was going to reply in the exercise thread.... Ha, Mrs Quins has been wearing a furry head band this weekend, keep those ears warm. My daughters are looking after the horses and ponies at the other farm and since we cleared a load of poo,I've left it to them to keep on top if it. Not looking forward to the winter proper, especially the wet. It was awful last year. We have something going on under one of the barns and stables, a pit of wet and mud in he earth floor if the ponies stable. We though it was where they were peeing overnight. They've been out all summer and it's just as wet. Don't know if it's an old drainage system broken or been diverted since my father in law had some hard standing put in. Whatever it is makes the top end of the barn turn into a mud bath that you could lose a welly in and the ponies need there legs washed every now and then to prevent mud fever, pita.

Your diary is looking good!
Hello @Quins thanks for popping by :) I had a bit of a o_O look from Mr Poppet when I dug out the ear covers! But I'm worried I'm starting with an ear infection so need to keep the chill out.
I can totally sympathise with the mud situation- as soon as it gets to this time of year, certain parts of the field just turn to a quagmire. Especially where we feed, it just gets churned over so much! It certainly sounds like there's something else going on in your stable though- hope the ponies comply with having their legs washed! Could you put any of that rubber matting type stuff down or would it just sink?
My horse had a swollen tendon in his leg last summer and quite liked having the hose put on it twice a day- was a pita too- but can't imagine him being quite so keen come winter time.
Trying to hold off putting his rug on at the moment as want his winter coat to come through, but always feels sorry for him!
Been a v busy day today already, helped OH with shovelling a trailor load of manure into the polytunnel, so I'm shattered. Stuck to plan though, and it's paying off because this morning.. 3.75lbs off!
I'm so happy! Had to round it up to 10st8lbs for my stats but it's actually 10st7.75lbs.
It's really motivated me to stay with it, so hopefully this will be another good week. I'm not expecting a big loss come next Monday as I always slow as I dip under 10st7 but I'll see what I can do :D
Ya'll are making me jealous with the horse talk! I would honestly be happy poo-picking, just to get some more yard time in at the moment! Lesson tomorrow evening, but going down with the girls during the day, because they booked an extra lesson. Hoping to get a semi-private jump lesson booked for this week or next as well. (thank-you tax rebate!)
Aw you can come poo-pick here anytime T_T!
Hope you have a good lesson- don't forget your gloves tomorrow, it's bloody chilly out there after about 4pm now.
Just got back from Yorkshire Scareground, was good fun! Food today hasn't been ideal but as I'm sticking with weekly syns I think I'll be ok. My plan for tea after Scareground was a subway salad but unfortunately it had closed by the time we got there :-(
B: Granola (hexb+2) honey (1) yoghurt (2) banana
L: Pasta with Quorn chicken and mushrooms, apple, crisps (6)
T: Sandwich from the services- not sure if I'm working this out correctly but I'm sticking with it! It was Lancashire cheese and onion on wholemeal. Using the 1 syn per 20 calories it would be 22 syns, but I'm deducting 12 as hexes, so 10 syns should cover the extra cheese and mayo. Also had an apple bag for the snack, and some water.
Total: 21
Ha I will welcome you gladly! It is a thankless task.
Just been shopping and tried to keep a sensible head on. Strict budget today as we've had an expensive month so far and payday isn't till next week.
Bought some frozen jacket potatoes for lunches, which was a bit of a luxury when you consider the price of a standard spud, but I seem to have reverted to pasta so these will make a change. Struggling a bit to get speed in but hoping the fruit is helping, and of course veg at teatime. Going to raid the freezer and plan some meals for this week.
Feeling a bit stiff from the shovelling yesterday- my shoulders ache and being at the laptop isn't helping, so may try drafting on paper on the sofa!
Yay ! :winner::0clapper: Congrats on the super duper loss ! So so happy for you hun. Hope you smash it next week too !

Kay xx