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Green Days Green Day/Vegetarian Ideas

Hi fellow SWers :)

I'm now into my 7th week of Slimming World. I feel that I started off quite well, and now, I'm going downhill. I've taken a lot of things on board that I've been told on here, but I'm just getting bored and unmotivated.

I'm sick of eating boring salads for lunch and I'm getting really stuck for dinner ideas. Any other vegetarians out there, or people that mainly do green days, have any ideas for me? I've looked at a few people's food diaries, and they are great. I've even tried a few of their ideas myself but I always feel like I'm eating LOADS more than I should. I'm permanently bloated, and today realised the fruit gives me serious pains in my stomach, so much that I could hardly walk. Ughh! I need some serious help.

I also always feel like I'm snacking too much. I know I'm snacking on free foods (fruit, mullerlights, HEBs) but then I get a huge craving for chocolate so out come the Mikados and the Curly Wurlys (I've so far avoided my last Easter egg which is sitting in the fridge shouting my name!)

Anyone know any ways to curb cravings and stop snacking so much?

Sorry for the long post, I feel like I really need some help cos I'm just putting all of the weight I've lost, back on.


GG x
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I'm wondering if you find you snack more when you have been eating high sugary foods? Do you have bread for heb becasue I often have a quorn sausage sandwich for lunch or beans on toast, jacket potato, crispbreads and extra light phili with garlic and herbs. Homemade soup, cold roasted veg reheated with cheese grated on top, tortilla with potatoes and onions. Drink before you snack and only try snacking when your tummy says it is hungry not because you want something in your mouth xx
Hi hun, don't worry that you are eating too much, if you are hungry - eat. Just make the right choices. Thats the magic of slimming world, you can eat, don't restrict yourself.

How about some different snack ideas such as...
* Carrot and celery sticks with a syn free dip
* Grape, melon and strawberry kebabs, dipped in muller light
* Sugar free jelly (1/2 a syn I think)
* Boiled egg
* Omlette
* Veggi chilli

They are all good for green.

Also - I am a green girl like you, but have you thought about shaking it up a bit and going for a couple of red days? They're ok if you save a B for lunch so you can make a massive chicken sandwich and LF crisps, rather than just meat and salad at every meal.

You can do it hun, you've done great so far (oh - have a look at my recipe for smash pizza in recipe secion, picture looks a bit dodgy though). Good luck x


Strutting her stuff
No reason for you to be bored. I'm vegetarian and do all green, as do many people on this board. I could have a different meal every day for a month and still not run out of ideas. The green plan is ideal for vegetarians as all the free foods as the very things you should be eating as part of a healthy, vegetarian diet. So check out the recipe and diary sections here. Look at online recipe sites such as www.bbcgoodfood.com. Get some recipe books out of the library and just have some fun. Many "normal world" recipes can be made SW friendly just by tweaking the ingredients a little. Really the only thing holding you back is lack of inspiration, so go out and get inspired by your food again.

And as for snacking, it can take some time to get out of the mindset that says you have to deprive yourself if you are on a diet. If you want some chocolate then have some chocolate, just count them from your daily/weekly syn allowance. It's what they are there for. If you deprive yourself of something you like then, as you are finding, it's more likely that you will crave them and then fall off the wagon in a big way. It really is a case of a "little of what you fancy does you good"!

Oh, by the way, you do realise that mullerlights are not veggie friendly? :)


Strutting her stuff
Also - I am a green girl like you, but have you thought about shaking it up a bit and going for a couple of red days? They're ok if you save a B for lunch so you can make a massive chicken sandwich and LF crisps, rather than just meat and salad at every meal.
As the OP is a vegetarian I don't think the prospect of a chicken sarnie is going to be enticing :D


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Hi GG,

I know you've already had a look at my food diary and I lost my enthusiasm a few weeks ago and was constantly craving sweet foods. Since I have stopped snacking on as much fruit and moved over to cherry tomatoes, sugarsnap peas and carrot batons I have noticed that this has reduced.

Also I work full time (over 4 days) and probably 2/3 out of the 4 days I work I take in leftovers from my tea the night before & just zap in the microwave. I had Quorn chilli last night and have bought the leftovers in today and will have it with either a jacket potato or Uncle Ben's Express Long Grain Rice (1 syn).

I have the 100 meals for Green Day book too and got loads of inspiration from that.

Hope this helps :D

Oh, by the way, you do realise that mullerlights are not veggie friendly? :)

Wow I did not know this. I just went and raided my fridge and looked at the remaining Mullerlights...none of the pots say that they are unsuitable, but checked on the website and you're right. Devastated! What yogurts are vegetarian friendly?
yes i hate the muller thing too ..boiled pigs trotters in it ! sounds so good! lol... danone activia do fat free yoghurts they are really nice im addicted at the moment .
im veggy too have been for 30 years , i used to crave doughnuts and cakes i still dribble in sainsburys going past them! i started by having a options each time i had the sweet craving that helped then they subsided a lady in group said take seleium (cant spell but it supposed to supress the sweet cravings.) try having a bowl of cherries in vanilla danone yoghurt so damn nice (sainsburys do frozen fruits 3 big bags for fiver ) or try my allbran cake recipe that tastes surprisingly good 12 cupcakes for 2 syns :) . good luck and keep up the good work.
danone activa fat free but not strawberry you need to read labels cochineal and gelatin are not vegetarian neither are many whey products Laughing cow is also not veggie neither are options hot chocolate.
Thanks everyone :)

Some great ideas which I'm taking on board. I feel better about it already. I've designed my eating plan for the rest of the week and am feeling positive!
I'm quite new, just finishing my second week and I am only doing Green days so far. I'm not vegetarian I just prefer not to eat to much meat.

I think on a green day its easy to go on sugar overload! so I try and choose things that are low/medium GI and I find this stops me snacking.

I find that potato fills me up alot longer than pasta does, and after I eat pasta I start craving something sweet.
Also eggs are brilliant (if you eat them?) filling and really versatile.


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The Irish diet yogurts are veggie friendly. I get mine in Sainsburys. Natural yogurt is nice with cocoa mixed in for a 'chocolate' fix. I add a bit of sweetener to a teaspoon of cocoa and a little boiling water to mix, then stir in the yogurt (1 syn). Sometimes I mix in cooked pudding rice to make it more filling.

I find potatoes don't fill me up as much as pasta, have you tried wholemeal pasta, or half and half.
I am green days every day! No meat for me...
I have a blog [see link in my signature] where I've been posting pictures of what I eat :D
Me and the b'f love to cook, so always on the search for new recipes.
BBC food is a good site, and type in keywords, and it comes up with a list. I just tweak them a little, for example, use quorn chicken pieces rather than chicken, and swap the oil/butter for fry light, use low fat fromage frais instead of cream, etc... there are hundreds of things to make, it's great.... and I love looking forward to going home from work and making a syn free feast!
Have you thought about pasta salads for lunch? really filling and really quick if you buy the quick cook 5 min pasta. The bachelors pasta n sauces are good too! Some of them are really tasty! I also have cheese omlettes using my cheese as one of my healthy extras. Quorn sausages are great too - only take about 12-14 mins. Beans on toast/Poached eggs on toast! You could have cous cous too - really easy to make! I find when I am out an about the easiest thing to eat on a green day is a jacket potato with baked beans.

If you feel like snacking all the time you might want to try drinking green tea. Its great as an appetite suppressant and good for flushing all the toxins out of your body! I snack on a lot of fruit - maybe you could think about doing a food diary and determining which fruits in particular are causing you stomach problems and staying away from those and eating more of others. Another thing I swear by is snacking on cherry tomatoes! Some people like to keep boiled eggs in the fridge too for a snack :)

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