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Green Days...

I know people on here say the like the variety and only do red days before WI and such...

But does anyone here do only green days? And does it affect your weight loss?

I don't eat red meat and can't afford days of chicken and fish really. That and i love my pasta! So green days are ideal for me.

Just looking for some opinion and scope... xx
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Mrs V

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Someone I know at my local class only did Green days and lost 9stone. Her weight losses were consistent each week and it worked for her.
I wish that I could do more Green days, but I bloat up; never mind the wind! Lol


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Lots of people only do green days at my group and their losses are still fine. The variety thing is more that it's so easy just to have pasta everyday and not vary it with other things, same as just eating jacket potatoes every day. If you mix a lot of super speed foods into your green days then your losses will be even better.


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I personally find all green days work for me !
not a meat lover anyway so not missing that and i do need to feel full so i can forget my tum and get on with my day ..I suffer bad with severe IBS so it can make the problems worse but hey ho whats a few hours in the loo when your losing weight hehehehe
still basking in the love xxxxx
I did more green days this week than last and lost 1 1/2 lb more than last week.
So am on green again this week !!


soon to be skinny minnie
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I do 100% green days now and i lost 2lbs this week. It hasn't affected me at all. My consultant says they work both the same
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I did Atkins for a while and managed to persuade myself that I would never lose weight eating carbs. So when i came back to Slimming World I only did Red days.

The problem is my other half is semi-vegetarian (he only eats fish) and so veggie dishes feature a lot in our house.

I'm trying to get over the 'green days are bad' thing as it will give us so much more variety - and indeed today I am having a green day - but I have to say i'm feeling very nervous about it!
I do green days with the very occasional red day thrown in. I just couldn't do without all the pasta, and slimming world chips! I think it's whatever your body gets used to long term, will give you the best losses x


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If you find green days work into your life better, then you should do that. Making it too expensive or difficult for yourself may affect how long you stay motivated to stick with the plan. I will say, however, the books say to aim to eat fish twice a week, with at least one of those portions being an oily fish. Perhaps you could factor that into your green days as a HexB? Then you'd be sure to get a better balance in your diet.
S: 12st2lb C: 11st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st3lb(1.76%)
I'm thinking of having red days at the weekend, as I do love my Sunday roast, and we usually have a house full.

I also love tuna and pilchards, so fish is always a good thing!
I always have green Days as im not a big meat fan, it seems to be working for me :) I suffer with IBS too and since joining slimming world have found that it has settled down alot and doesn't affect my day to day anymore, but if have a red day it seems trigger it, this could be just a coinsidence as before slimming world my IBS was triggered by stress mostly. Living on a budget is great with Green days as a lot of the syn free packet rice/pasta's are always on offer at the supermarkets :)

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im a vegetarian and so i only do grean days and i average 2 lb a week the only reason i would put on is if i go over my syns!

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