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Green Help pleaeaease


I am going to be sticking to green for now as i think it might be cheaper and i have got to buget myself for a few weeks,
Can anyone give me any ideas on quick meals,im going to tescos after to get some beans and super noodles.

Does anyone on here eat alot of pasta and pots & still lose weight,as i have got it in my head that i will put weight back on,

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I eat tonnes of pasta and rice and still loose weight. Get some Quorn too! Its delish with rice and some form of sauce. Ive got Quorn chicken filets tonight stuffed to a Extra Light Laughing Cow cheese triangle and some batchlors savory rice.
i have lost 1.5 stone at the moment in 7 weeks and that is all red days,but the way work is at the moment, i have got to budget on spending,so i hought green days would be cheaper,my leader told me the 98% fat free supernoodles are free on green,so that will keep me going for some meals,And ill make different pasta salads etc.
Some quick green meal ideas:
Jacket potatoes (beans, cottage cheese, laughing cow)
Egg noodles with stir fried veg
Mixed bean salads
Chick pea and potato curry with rice
Cottage pie made with quorn mince
Tinned meat free heinz ravioli
Tinned spaghetti in tomato sauce
Cous cous with mixed veg
SW chips, beans and egg
Lentil dhal

Thanks for the ideas,im going to go to tescos after and also get a bag of pots,which should last me a week.
Pulses are very cheap- tinned ones don't require long cooking/soaking. You can look in the recipe section for lots of curry/dhal recipes. These are great when you fancy something different (and keep you regular!)
Canned Chickpea dahl is lovely on jacket or rice and if you got a ping ping (microwave) it wouldn't take long

Risottos don't take long about 20mins and you can put loads of free veg in them

stir frys with noodles only take mins to make cos you can buy all the veg already shredded etc. and while the noodles are soaking, you just cook the veg job done.

Hope these help a little.
Hi sorry i'm new to all this to, but I have found this site really helpfull. But I am a bit confused and I'm sure its stuff you've all answered loads of times. But I think I will be doing mainly green days too... is it true that Pasta n Sauces and Super noodles are both free on a green day. I keep on being told differnet things and its confusing enough as it is lol :)


Wishing and hoping!
if you have a hand held blender you cvan have tons of soup with different veg - and cheap

potato's - 4
1 leek
1 onion
2veg stock
cut all veg and potatoes into little cubs - fry in fry light and the stock for 5 mins and bring to boil simmer for 20 mins and give it a bliz yummy
yes most of them r free, i think there a odd one or too that arent depending on the sauce.i buy them all the time and make quiches with them and there quik,


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My dear Phil you want the ultimate and one and only bestest cheapy cheapmcomfort food free meal on green and that is... *drum roll*

Fried eggs, chips and mushy peas!!!!!!! FOR. THE. WIN!!!


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I have to watch how much pasta I eat as I find it slows my losses down and the same with bread. I am fine with spuds and rice etc but pasta isn't my friend lol. Just try different meals and keep a note of when you losses are better etc then take it from there. I am a veggie and only ever followed green days and am very happy with the rate I have lost on SW. Good luck with your journey.

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