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Green tablets

You look really good by the way. Great weight loss. I once tried Xenical and they worked for me I lost around 2 st on them by following a healthy diet. When I took them and ate too much fat they made my stomach very bloated and can have not very nice side effects. If you follow a calorie controlled and low fat diet they will deffo help aid your weight loss. My GP stopped them because I missed a couple of appointments. Hope they help you one your journey. Good luck xxx


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Hi Rach, I've took green tea. I don't feel any different, but they are meant to be very good for you.

I started taking them a while back, after 2 months I got this insane rash across my stomach, wrists and on the bingo wings, I scratched til I bled and had to have steriods. I stopped the green tea, and within 6 weeks the rash went.

I'm not sure if it was the green tea or something else, I'm yet to restart them, but I will and if the same thing happens then I know the cause. I checked the side effects and rash and itching was a symptom.

They do help the digestion, but not sure about the weight loss side of it, my losses while on Xenical were the same without the green tea.
Green tea tablets are useless to be blunt as their is no regulation on how much is effective in tablet form for weight loss, for green tea you'd be far better having it in actual tea form, if you like me can't stomach it as it is on its own green tea with jasmine is fab n tastes just like the jasmine tea you get in chinese restraunts, tablet wise it is bad as it could contain a morsal or a lot there is no regulation on it...

I extensivly researched these a few years ago when I was administrator on a phentermine forum, same as kelp tablets there is no regulation on these either...

Lea x
Thanks for the info, its always great to see what other people know and think. I never thought of trying it with jasmine in tea form, i may give it a try when i have used these tablets up. Been looking at so many sites a lot have said they are good for you, so i dont know what to think
Green tea itself is good for you but in tablet form is not as effective, most supermarkets do a mix of green tea with jasmine ~(atho we get it from the chinese supermarket) x
i will go and delete some messages i didnt realise :) I used to drink the green tea but the taste wasnt great i did find it somewhere once with lemon that wasnt too bad!! I heard someone say they got one in aldi with vanilla but i have never found it yet
I have the capsules with acai!

Holland and barrat - I noticed I don't retain water as much - and I did initially pee more - guessing it was flushing my system xx


Violet is shrinking
Green tea is a natural antioxidant, and it is very good for you, especially the digestive system. The chinese have been using the stuff for years. It is a weight loss aid, and it does work as one, but everyone is different.

Kes has been taking them for yonks and she swears by them I get mine from Holland and Barrett. Acai is also a natutal slimming aid, you can get this alone or with green tea, I had the plain green tea capsule.

While taking them, I did notice (thinking back) my skin was so much better, in tone, colour and texture and I didn't feel bloating. I can't comment on the weight loss though as I didn't really monitor it to see if it did make a difference..
I have noticed i do need to wee more, which is a good thing :) cant say too much about bloating yet as totm and only just started back on the xenical, but i dont think i feel as bloated!! My sister in law took the ones i am taking and i think they made a difference but only because she was trying to lose weight anyway. Some people say they do work alone, but only if your not a binge eater i guess lol. but i think you have to be doing something yourself so reap the benefits!!
All herbal teas of which green tea is one, is a duretic so it will flush your system out and remove toxins... It is also worth remembering their are no calories in green tea :) x

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