Greetings from the road.....

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Hi everyone! :waves:

I just wanted to take one of very few free moments to pop on to say a quick hello!

Hope everyone is doing well!!! I have had a very quick glance at some threads - but haven;t had time to catch up properly.

The trip is going great - so far have only seen 6 people who knew me before. They were shocked when they saw me! :D Absolutely shocked. hheheh - beenquite funny. We get to my family more shock ahead.

The trip has been mostly good.....been a few trials , a few tribulations , but overall good.

I've been facing a LOT of challenges - being on a roadtrip, with your husband AND your in-laws, for 6 days running - has its moments. I love them all - but its close quarters! ;)

There is also the added challenge of being in RTM while travelling. Abstinenace was easier. I am getting very adapt at asking restaurants to re-write entire menu selections to suit me - but ya know what - it works. I've been able to be very selective and thats been great.

While the temptation has been HUGE, I have not had anything I am not entitled to have....though a time or two, perhaps more then I should have - but staying true to the lists of alloweds. Abstaining while on holiday was much much easier.

i will have a lot to write abuot on my diary when we return. Its brough up all sort of emotional responses, etc.

But over all - the trip is going well.

Congrats to those of you with great losses - saw a few posts with some good news, and saw some are struggling. Business as usual then. :)

My two best 'triumphs' - make that 3 - on this trip are:

1. Oh. My. GOD. I am thinner then my best freind Jean.!!!!!!!! I tried in her Size 10s, and they were too big. She has always been the eptiomy of health and beauty.....and....I fit in her clothes!! And then some!!!!!!!!!! :giggle: that still has not fully registered with me!!!

2. Me, Jean and Jude (my best girls), went walking on Jeans land - its very hilly and rocky. I charged on ahead, and it was THEM that needed to stop and catch their breathe! Not Me. It was ALWAYS me. Amazing!

3. We went to a Mexican Restaurant - my favourite food EVER. (REAL Mexican food. I know the UK tries, bless ya, but its nowhere near the real thing) So we went - they all ate the chips and salsa - the only thing i dipped in the salsa was my fork! lol I ordered something - had them hold all the good stuff - so what came was protein and lettuce - none of the gorgeous stuff to accompany it. And I poicked at nothing.

Those that know me - know this was a major milestone for me. MAJOR. My hubby was really proud of me, and made sure to tell me.

That really was kind of torture - but it was my idea. It was nice to look at their dishes and it all smelled good - so we take our pleasure from other places now.

And ya know what - I survived!! ANd do not feel deprived. Because I chose not to order. WICKED! Choices are great if we use them wisely!!

I might add too - and Karmawitch will understand - US Portions in restaurants are obscene. REALLY ridiculous. So for the first time, I left a Mexican restaurant - nto feeling sick. Lovin it! But being absolutely amazed at how much food is put on a plate. At least three meals. IT was rather shocking. This was a HUGE challenge!

It has also been challenging to walk past the Fritos (corn crisps to die for) and Reese Peanut Butter Cups - my two favourite peices of junk in the USA!!! And not one of either has passed my lips! Phew!

Tomorrow, we head down to the family. That will get easier, I hope, as we will not be eating out on the road quite so much.

Oh yeah - the trip started out, just 15 minutes away from the airport, in the POURING down rain - we got a flat tire. That was how we started, so I realised there will be challenges from start to stop on this trip! lol

I dare not wager a bet on whether I have stayed the same, or gained, or even lost. I simply do not know, and have avoided all scales. My clothes still fit, and thats good enough for me! :D

I wish I had time to read all the posts and catch up on everything but I don't.

I hope those that have struggled are feeling stronger with each new day, and those that are carrying on successfully - well done! I am sure there have been some amazing losses amongst everyone! :)

I have had some very interesting heart to hearts with my other, and there have been some real emotional triggers on this trip - but I am feeling well in control. I am very thankful for that!!!

So folks - until the next opportunity - and i don't know when that will be - keep up the good work you are all doing. Accept the struggles and wobbles a part of the learning process and keep chasing your dream! It's getting closer every single day.

Love you all - be good - and "see you" when we get back, if not before!

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Glad to hear your trip is going so well. I'm sure there are shocked faces accross the globe wherever yout turn up!
Well done on the Mexican meal in particular. I'm struggling on RTM and not facing anywhere near the challenges you are.
Stick at it and good luck with the family. Bet you can't stop smiling thinking of the look on their faces when they see you. I hope they're really proud of you. We certainly all are xx


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Wow , postive with food ! sticking to it .
Your family are going to pass out when they see you now ! just like my grandad , we only used to see him once a year , well he was a big man he was 22 stone and dropped to 7 stone , my god , I never knew , does the family know you've been dieting ? cos boy they will be shocked , amazing !


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nice to hear from you BL well done on the mexican restaurant!! hope u have a gd rest of ya hols!


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Fabulous post, BL - I can tell you're having a wonderful time out there :)

Peanut butter cups are one of those very hard to resist things for me (good job I don't live in the US).

Keep shocking all those folk! xxxx


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Welldone BL for sticking with it..i cant even imagine there meals out there and you have done great..we are all thinking of you and missing you.Chat soon hunni
luv lynn


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Hey BL,

great to hear from ya, and good to hear you are going soo well.. i think u must have a will of iron!! looking forward to catching up when you are back!! enjoy enjoy enjoy the rest of your trip xxx


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Hey BL,

Great to hear your having a fabulous time and causing some heads to turn (I knew you would!). I am really impressed you managed to say no to your favourite foods. I can never say no to Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Them and Peanut Butter M&M's will be my nemesis when I go back to Florida next year!

Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

B x


nearly there!! :)
so delighted to see your still doing as amazing as always!!
i can only imagin being stuck with oh and in laws for week...well done on everyone still being alive, but am delighted that u and ur oh are having big heart to hearts...this mean so much i love them!! (even though they can be hard)

i would love to see your families reaction, id say that will be so emotional for everyone to tell u the truth!!

the learning experience u are having with food is brill hunni and just proves how determind u are not to go back the way u were!!

have loadsa fun hunni and turn a couple more heads xxx


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Lovely to hear your getting on!! Knew you would be turning heads and shocking all your friends. I bet your family will wondering who you are when you arrive:D

Well done with sticking to the right foods you are doing amazingly, I find it hard to resist Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, they are my fav!!!!

Thanks for words of encouragement to us all! Enjoy the rest of your trip and look fwd to hear how you are getting on.


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Great post BL Enjoy the rest of your hols


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Weirdly I was thinking about 'proper' mexican food earlier today (I used to live in Guadalajara, MX) and decided that I wouldn't have been able to stick at abstinance if I was back there, or in Greece - both of which are my fave types of food. So, CONGRATS on your fantastic achievements so far - in particular the restaurant... my mouth was salivating just reading the post! So nice of you to think of us and pop back for a look-in too... what are we going to do without you when you've completed RTM and are back to the 'real world'? Arghhhhhh!!!
Ok - enjoy the rest of your travels and give the US a big ole' squeeze from me...I miss it :(

Anna x


Good to hear you're having such a nice time BL :)
and Bravo! on resisting your favourite foods, shows such good mental attitude and strength :D

Enjoy the rest of your break! :cool:


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Glad your having a great time. Well done for resisting the food.