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Having a conversation in another thread about whether group meetings really are key to weight loss with SW.....

I am trying to do it alone (have been to meeting couple of years ago).... only second week and have fallen off the diet wagon:break_diet: - quite spectacularly!

Putting it behind me but interested on others thoughts on going to group, or not x
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Some find the support of a group is what keeps them on the straight and narrow but if you choose to go it alone you have to be your own support and you have to be just that extra bit more disiplined. I go it alone, I weigh in at the same time every week at the same Boots scales and I do have ups and downs but it can be done.
I go it alone, I weigh in at the same time every week at the same Boots scales and I do have ups and downs but it can be done.
Wow, you sure have proved it can be done - that's an amazing weight loss, well done.

Any tips on where I can get a little bit of the discipline greatly appreciated! :D
I'm no angel lately but I'd say to you remember that nothing that's worth having comes easy, it isn't easy when there's so much temptation in everyday life but if you want it you'll do what needs to be done.
I go to group every 4-5 weeks, just to keep registered so i can keep using the facilities on the website, but the rest of the time i go it alone.

I`ve been maintaining (give or take a pound) since december, so i`m not doing too badly and it can be done. Yes you need self discipline, but i`ve found this forum one of the best places for advice and support ever, even more so than my group.

Tbh I feel self concious at the group, i don`t really talk to any one, they don`t really talk to me, i book in, line up, get weighed and come home again lol !! I made the effort and stayed 3 times, and for the most part got ignored, so gave up trying .... i have found ooooodles of help and friendly support on here though, and that is whats helped me out :)

i did it on my own for a month and struggled so signed upto do it online - i found the groups hard to get to as i have degenerative disc disease and chronic pain so couldnt get every week and the lady who ran it wasnt very understanding about that. i do miss the group sessions as feel the support u get in them is very good but i am enjoying doing it online too but joined the forum to get some support and to try get back on track. i dont think you can beat the groups but they arent for everyone x

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