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Grrr just cant stick to it :(

I really dont no whats wrong with me, i have been fine but the last few days all i want to do is eat! id dont help that i no my losses are gonna be slow now, CDC said now that my BMI is 28ish :(.

A friend of mine has been doing ww and having great losses 1-3lbs a week and she is at tartget now and i just feel that eating 9000cals less than the recommended cals a week and not getting the results is pointless!

I dunno maybe im just looking for a reason to stop!? dont no what to do :(
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thanks, im on ss+ but just want to eat fruit and healthy food...dont even crave the bad stuff :(


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Kellymarie I'm in the same boat, I keep having a few good says then a couple of bad days :( lets do this together I really need to focus and get back on track


Looking at your stats, you might want to up your calories again maybe to 810 which would still give you losses, but you'd get more real food.

As SandL says though, it's only been a few days. Just think of how you'll feel when you reach your goal!


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Fruit will do funny things to your blood sugar at the moment and you may need to eat even more.

I have started looking at my weightloss over the last 17 weeks on SS - out of 16 weighins, I lost around about 1lb or stayed the same on SIX occasions. OVER ONE THIRD of my weigh-ins have been the same or less than they would have been on a food based plan - did I give up or go 'oh this is so hard?' No - I knew the results would come - for 4 weeks I only lost 7lbs - 7lbs! And then in the last two weeks - I've lost a stone - you are a human being - not a machine - no one on this plan loses 3.5lbs a week like clockwork! The important thing is the other 12 weigh-ins. Over 16 weeks I still have averaged 4lbs a week. Way more than your mate. It is all about sticking to the plan and keeping your eye on the end game, not some silly number on a weighing-machine. Your weight will not get you into a size 12 dress, your mass will.

Stay focused. This only works if you stick to it...your brain will do anything to get you to eat again!
I no your all right i think i was just looking for an excuse to go and eat! I needed motivation this moring so weighed myself and was 12stone 1 - 1stone 3lbs to my goal weight :)

Im gonna stick to ss+ for another 2-3 weeks (unless losses are rubbish) then move up to 810 for a week then 1000 then ww untill im at goal, anyone think that sounds ok to do? x
If it helps, when you get to 1000 plan you can eat plenty of fruit!

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