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  1. AmandaBFC

    AmandaBFC Full Member

    :mad::cry:Lost TWO POUNDS this month. Its awful!! I don't know whats bloody happening. She's let me do another month so I've got to seriously look at what I'm eating. Need to do better & I go on holiday in 3 weeks :(
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  3. chocolateandskyblue

    chocolateandskyblue Full Member

    That's disappointing for you but you have the right idea to have a look at what your doing.
    Have you tried tracking your calories as well as your fat? really made a difference for me this week, that and stepping up the exercise.

    Some people whilst tracking fat alone done consume enough calories, or too many calories, Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal - has been a great find for me and its free!!

    I have been telling people bout this lately, must seem like Im a rep for the website or something LOL, had it suggested to me and have found it invaluable.

    Im sure you'll work out what you need to change.

    On another note if is your TOM soon that can make a big difference too.

    Keep positive and keep posting. :grouphugg:
  4. AmandaBFC

    AmandaBFC Full Member

    I don't have periods because I have implant. Wish I had that excuse, lol. I'll try that website, thanks
  5. **hugs** I`m exactly the same :(

    Good Luck for the following month x
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