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Grrrr what a silly ***

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Sweetcheeks24, 26 April 2008 Social URL.

  1. Sweetcheeks24

    Sweetcheeks24 Full Member

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    Cambridge Diet
    Hiya girls,

    sorry for my 2nd rant in one morning.

    Well after posting about my crisp episode last night and luckily remaining in ketosis I have truly gone and blown it. :sigh:

    I was still so hungry today after having my shakes and loads of water. Was getting really upset for 2nd day in a row. In the end I went into the fridge, I had 1 slice of wholemeal bread, 1 slice of tomato with a slice of lettuce and a slice of ham :sigh:

    Anyway I am trying not to let it get to me too much as thats a lot less than I would normally eat especially spaced out over the whole of this week but really I did have to go for the carbs didn't i!! grrr.

    Anyway my question is, I know this will probably affect my weight loss this week but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how it would affect my weight loss? Just so I am prepared for monday.

    FYI: I am back on track now, felt so disappointed with myself I know I won't be doing again. I want to be slim and there is no other option for me. Plus I have talked over with OH and as an incentive if I stick to it and still not happy with my boobs I get to have a boob job!! Yay

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  3. NooNoo1970

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    Slimming world
    Hi hon,

    I know the weekends are just soo hard, they are a social time and for me its the two days of the week when I have no routine or structure to my day, and would generally revolve around food!

    I have had a fab week back on re start and what with the sunshine out today reminded me why I want to loose this weight and why I dont want to undo all my hard work.

    I have been fine all day and drunk my water etc, but really felt like I wanted to eat, knowing my previous track record of failing on day 5/6/7 etc I decided to have a small AAM. So I just sat in the garden enjoying it, with out any guilt, I know I should be ss-ing 100%, but if I have the odd AAM and stick to the plan, I dont see it as a huge problem.

    I would suggest to you to have things like celery, cottage cheese, salad in the house so if you feel you really have to eat, make a meal and enjoy it, guilt free and actually appreciate what it is you are eating. That way its controlled, not a mindless stuff...as I know I have done many times in the past.

    Anyway whats done is done, drink lots and look forward to your wi!
    Hugs to you X
    Lou X
  4. emmmmmz

    emmmmmz Member

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    Sweetcheeks, you're doing soooo much better than me! I wouldn't worry about it tooo much, especially if you're back on track now! And YEY for the boob job - that's my plan too - mine shrink so much when I lose weight!!

    I'm just going to start again tomorrow, and forget about the week just gone - I haven't lost anything due to cheating so damn much!

    I could do with a buddy if you fancy it?

    Em x

    SO MUCH TO LOSE! Must do it this time

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    CD ss+
    hey Sweetcheeks,try Not To Beat Yourself Up Over This Little Blip,i Dont Think It Will Effect Your Weight Loss Much At All.
    My 1st Week I Cheated And Had 2 Slices Of Bread With Butter And Prawn Crackers
    And My 2nd Week I Cheated Again With A Chicken Chow Mein Plus A Lotta Chocolate And I Still Lost Weight,okay I Should Have Maybe Lost Abit More But I Still Lost.now Im Not Saying Its Ok To Cheat(i Must Practise What I Preach) But You Could Have Cheated With A Hell Of Alot Worse Than You Did,
    As Soooo Many On Here Will Tell You Just Draw A Line Under This Incident And Move On With Things,
    Thats What I Have Done And This Week I Havent Cheated At All(so Far,so Good),
    Please Dont Give Up And You Will Be So Glad You Stuck With It
    ,we Can Do This We Just Need To Keep The Faith,best Of Luck To Us All,
    Elaine X
  6. mumto4

    mumto4 Full Member

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    I cant see how a slice of bread and a tiny bit of salad in 7 days will stop you losing weight. God girl thats all you've eaten in 7 days!!! You'll be fine.
  7. mollydog

    mollydog Silver Member

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    slimming world
    Hi. I'm struggling too but its good to know i'm not the only one. I've several friends doing CDC and they dont even feel hungry a bit so no incentive to cheat. I have to admit the first 6 weeks (and two stone lost) went by really quick but the hunger never truly went away. I'm now on week 10 and finding it harder to resist. Had 3 alcohol related blips (which also means a packet of crisps with nearly every glass) in the last 4 weeks. For the last two weeks i am having some cold ham, cottage cheese and green leaves at tea time and my 3rd CD later in the evening. This feeling of eating a meal has helped. I've also got cheese slices in the fridge which have been hard to resist. I am weighing in on Monday and was going to give it all up and start to calorie count myself but my family are being really supportive and i'm going to try to SS for the next couple of weeks to get another half stone (of the 2 stone still to lose) off.
    I am finding that taking the time to read all these messages and look at the slide show is keeping me going.
    Best of luck.
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