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wants a new body
started off the week really happy lol eldest son has been awarded Dla (he has aspergers syndrome). so we are going t be better off, we are also waiting to find out if we can get it for other two i have another boy with aspergers and a boy with ADD.
so mood was great and then ...... it is now star week and last month i felt great and that week i lost 3.5lb i was dead impressed, that is not so this month this month i feel soooo bloated, weigh in is tomorrow and i don't think i gonna lose this week.and i so wanted to get my stone award i am 1lb away lol
i know there is always next week and it'll probably be a good weigh loss
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Try taking aquaban or something similar. I always put on at TOTM but I am a long way into my journey now so I just shrug it off. I totally see your frustration though, that first stone award is the best!
Awwww Di, thats fab about your DLA for your son. My husband has Aspergers and isn't entitled to anything, you really have to fight hand, tooth and nail to get anything don't you.

Don't worry about your weigh in, you can't help the bloatedness and if you don't get your star it isn't the end of the world (although I know it feels it :( )

Have you eaten anything to make you bloated? Hopefully it'll be wind and not water, so try have a big poo and a fart before you go in :giggle:

Just carry onwards and upwards :)
Di *hugs* maybe make today a red day, and have lots of fruit and vegetables as well.

I can't remember what foods are a diuretic, but finding out could help get rid of that excess water xx


Call me Nicky xx
I found that during my star week (last week) I drank more water which helped to prevent the fluid retention. Fingers crossed you will get your stone award, Im sure you will xx


wants a new body
well have just sent middle brat for some aquaban took two with my bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes so today is a red day lol in more ways than one! and have sat and drank 1.5 litre of water
then came on here and read all that you have written and laughed cos i had already done it all
now guess what?????

i seriously need a wee!!!!!!

Fingers crossed for that first stone - as Taz said its the best one and it really makes you feel as though you're getting into it! xxx


wants a new body
i lost my 1lb!!!
so i have got my stone award proudly stuck to my fridge, was asked at class what my goal was and i told them i want to cover my fridge in certificates lol and that its a big fridge pmsl
xxxx so thats 1 st down and another 6+ to go
but i'm gearing for my next 7lb
gettin a cross trainer today so hopefully that'll help big time lol
come to the decision that my legs whacking my stomach might help get rid of a bit of my stomach lol


wants a new body
i hope that image stays with you through the day lol
i got mock driving test in a bit, i hopefully will pass that and maybe get to take a test soon,i been at this for years haven't had much luck with instructors

1st was brill but we could never be free at same time
so had to change
2nd was a drip his mrs found out he was shagging one of his pupils and he packed up in case she told his boss
3rd was the most rude arrogant man i have ever met! ffs! he used to also tell me to drive in my slippers!!!!!
on many occasions i was nearly in tears
so i am back with the original instructor we book lessons a month in advance now lol

oh and the aquaban was great the next morning i didn't feel bloated anymore


wants a new body
failed the mock test
totally stuffed up reversin round corner
my main problem is speed
slowing down at junctio
oh well got another in two weeks


Call me Nicky xx
I failed my mock test but passed my actual test. My dream job is to be a driving instructor. I failed the training first time round on the last exam (there are three) but will be trying again soon (once I have saved up the pennies again), as long as you practice you will be just fine xx

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