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Grumpy grrrrrrr!

Does anyone else feel grumpy on this plan?

I'm on SS and on day 33 - which today feels like day 133!! I've been 100%

I'm just so snappy with my daughters and I'm being so childish, stamping my feet, slamming doors and feeling really angry about the smallest thing. Why?

I'd love to hear if anyone else has been through the same. I almost feel like eating something but the "Angel" on my shoulder says "NO" so I am getting more
GRRRRRR! .... and I don't want to give in either.

Help x
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i've seen a theory that we are more emotional on this diet because we can't comfort eat. i can't squash my feelings under a blanket of carbs like i used to, so i have to deal with them in other ways, or let them play out. makes sense, i think.

sending hugs, though.
Oh thank you, that makes real sense and yes I didn't go an devour a whole tin of biscuits, instead got on with my Christmas cards!!! LOL
This could be the first year I get them out before last posting date haha
I've found the opposite to be true. I'm a lot happier for the most part, but I do have the odd day where I seem to go in a bit of a grump.

I don't think it's the diet - I think it's the weight loss. Being overweight plays absolute hell with a woman's hormones, so as the weight shifts our hormones are probably all over the place. It should bottom out. :)
I was grumpy on day 2, so much so I nearly quit my job!!!

But since then been fine :) had some emotional days but not diet related and didn't turn to food so really pleased to hav halted that cycle :)
I feel fine today but yesterday was awful. I just get really short tempered with everyone and everything that gets in my way! I am so happy that I've lost weight and thought that would make me really cheerful .... guess I will have to get some coping tactics for the next time.

Ps. I would say though, I walk a dog 3 times a week and some mornings when I wake up feeling grrrrr it all goes once I'm walking and I really look forward to that hour, even if it's pouring. I love the fact that I'm out in the fresh air, listening to my radio and doing a bit of exercise too!

Hope we all have a good week xx
You always had food to turn to before when you felt stress. Now you are dealing with raw emotions and have to find other ways of dealing with them. Some days I feel like ripping my hubby's head off or kicking the dog...but I don't. Just remember you are not alone:) Good luck.
Alderney - I completely agree with you with the walking part. I am also really grumpy st times. Usually when its dinenr time and everyone eating a nice dinner i have stood and prepared. I literally put my I-Pod in. Slam the door on the way out and walk all my frustrations off...my OH says when I come back Im like a different person lol. I know when I get grumpy because he says "why dont you go out for a nice walk to clear your head" hahaha x
Lose2Win said:
I'm no so much grumpy more just cant be bothered with anything. Maybe I'm just tired.
exactly how I feel. I actually can't be bothered to talk to anyone it's really bad!!
.... and today when I borrowed the dog my radio packed up so I was even more grumpy!! LOL xx
Sometimes I Wake Up Grumpy, Sometimes I Let Her Sleep

:D...I am actually the opposite as well, the longer I am on this plan the better I feel.
When I've loaded myself with high fat snax, glasses of wine and sugary things I find myself feeling unwell and grumpy then!
Brilliant idea about the radio and dog :chores016:
Good tip! :)
Yes hoping the new radio will work on Friday when I take Meg out! I walked her today with my sister and we went up the footpaths around the back of Denmead, the village we both grew up in. It was lovely as we get to have a good chat when she comes too - not that it happens very often as she is normally at work.

Doesn't seem like exercise ....
I think physical (and perhaps psycholgical carbohydrate) withdrawal is a major contributer to Cambridge first-week stress, impatience and snappiness. Just goes to show how thoroughly hooked we really are.
I think it must be Saturdays that make me grumpy as here I am one week later and really going for it. I lost it with my daughter when she opened the lemonade and it sprayed all over the washing (which is now back in the machine). I could screem .... :(
does it make me a bad person that i'd ve just let it dry? :)


i will be a yummy mummy
i remember i used to get snappy and ratty when i did it before i hope i can control it this time i am or should i say was a comfort eater so we will see. its worth it keep yr chin up :) x
No Spangles it doesn't make you a bad person, it did cross my mind to just leave it but the floor was so sticky I thought the washing would have been the same .... so I did it x

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