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Grumpy MIL + Unreasonable Dad = SW disaster!!


Trying again in 2012
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Well, yesterday was not the best! My MIL was being 'difficult' (and thats polite!) my dad was out to ruin Mother's Day (presumably because it wasn't all about him for a change) and the end result was a family bag of minstrels and the same of malteasers all to myself - not good! Didn't even help me feel better - chocolate + stress just equals a bad nights sleep!

So, there we are, my first real disaster! I'm so over it already - still in a bad mood with them both for upsetting my OH, my mum and me but realised that eating my stress didn't show either of them anything! I have dragged myself out of my chocolate stupor, have drawn my line and have my bag of fruit, yogurt and ham salad to see me through the rest of the day! Just need to lose the sugar-headache now and I'll be back on the wagon, and clinging on for all I have!

Thanks for listening to my whinge!!
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Oh bless, me too! :sigh:
Ended up eating whatever I could fine when we got home from seeing family in Kent, yesterday. I would have been happy just seeing my kids but my mother and OH's Mum are elderly and very difficult, and the visit had be done!
New day today:)


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This is a very heartfelt and genuine plea for us all to be saved from grumpy, unpleasant or difficult MIL´s.

As far as I am concerned you can offload on me as much as you want. You are always so willing to listen to me and with such lovely replies too.

Sorry you had your choc-fest though but glad to see you have such a good attitude towards it. Sensible lady.

My own downward slide was a bacon sandwich with tomato sauce...........do I regret it.......not one bit it was delish...........


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I always turn to a family sized bag of revels when I'm fed up or stressed and I also end up with a big sugar headache and feeling worse than I did before.
So, I feel your pain!

Hope today is a lot better for you :)


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It must have been in the air last night! And I don't even have your excuse; I was just in a foul, short-tempered mood.

On the positive side, I did check the syn value and make a conscious decision to eat the chocolate so it wasn't a binge like my normal mindless eating.


Trying again in 2012
S: 25st8lb C: 24st6lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 52 Loss: 1st2lb(4.47%)
Thanks for the replies ladies, feeling much better now, back in control and now ready for a good nights sleep, undisturbed by an excess of chocolate! I must remember that eating my emotions only gives me indigestion!!!

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