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Guess What

Hi Everyone at sw
Do you remember me menttioning about thinking of joining a sw meeting well it had to come as i was not getting far with ww i could not get the motivation into tracking and weighing everything .
So went to sw last night and joined up there was another new member as well
After doing ww it is going to be strange for a few days i will have points in my head
The leader did mention to try the extra easy plan .
So i started this morning but i feel hungry can you help
For bfast i had
28g healthy choice sultana bran with 1 multigrain ryvita cup coffee
Lunch i had
2 scrambled eggs with small tin of baked beans
im missing my bread with extra easy you have to syn it is this right
Im bothered i will have to give up my treats and will miss put
As with ww i was used to haveing mini cheddas and ww bars
Can you have a teacake as i like these too
What is the best wholemeal bread to buy

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you can have 3 x ww brown danish bread :D as your HEB

you don't have to give up your treats, i think you need to push WW to the back of your mind and really enter this with an open mind.. i still have a takeaway every week and thoroughly enjoy my treats.. my advise to you is eat all the free foods you can, EE is a fab plan and once your in teh swing of it, i think you'l agree!!



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yeah you should not be hungry in your first week hon, get lots of super noodles and jacket in for green days and red days fridge raiders are low syn as are alot of meat products.


I will succeed!!!
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Hunger is not a friend to make, especially on SW. I didn't like EE because of the limited HE B choices (love my bread too). BUT it is working loads for lots of SW members so maybe give it a go.

At work I snack on blueberries and raspberries (Superspeed foods) and when I feel like something sweet I eat a Hartley's No Added Sugar jelly (1/2 syn per pot or make a sachet up and pour into old tubs and keep in fridge to save money hehe).

Carrot sticks are great too to snack on. I pretty much graze enough to grow hooves hehe.

SW does work but I can imagine it's hard to change from WW to SW without some level of 'argh!'-ness.

Good luck xx
I think what it is after doing ww and watching portions im a bit frightened to eat just incase i dont lose weight and also it will take a bit of getting used to another plan after counting points for a while



Slow but sure....
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Is the brown WW bread the round loaf for 3 slices or the ordinary 'loaf' shaped slices? I have been using the WW wholemeal thick sliced bread - it's toasts lovely and holds a sandwich filling well, I have been counting 2 slices as a HEXB, hope it's right.
Hi Donnie
I have seen the thick ww bread but not really tried it are you doing the extra easy plan Im a bit confused with the extra easy plan as you are only allowed 1 healthy a and 1 healthy b what ive done today is take my health a for my cereal and the other for milk so if i had wanted bread for lunch how would i have done this it seems alot 6.5 syns for bread out of your 15 a day


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You could add a banana to your cereal, or I use low fat fromage frais as it's thicker, then have a banana mid morning. You could have a mullerlight and a piece of fruit as well after your beans and egg, it's just getting used to eating enough! Make use of loads of veg and fruit, and have 15 syns a day! It works, but not if you don't eat enough! I get any wholemeal bread, just weigh it to make sure its 2oz. Once you get used to it you'll never look back!
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EE is really easy because you can eat free foods from both Red and Green so you don't need as many a's and b's, for example, I do EE at the weekend so for breakfast I have a lot of lean bacon, big pile of beans, scrambled egg, tinned tomato's and mushrooms. For lunch, use my bread to make roast chicken sandwiches and then for tea I have spag bol with lots of spaghetti and mince, all free :)
THanks it is just getting into it after been doing ww your bfast sounds nice but i would be frightened to eat all of this thinking it is too much to eat
S: 16st3lb G: 12st0lb
The biggest problem with SW is not eating enough, if you do that then your body goes into Starvation Mode and you don't lose any weight, and because you're depriving yourself you become miserable and disillusioned and end up stuffing your face with all the wrong foods.
Hi Judimac
Thanks for your advise i like bananas and the fromage frai I never eat mid morning but might start if it is fruit to snack on i did not have a mullerlight as i have not got any in while go shopping i have yoghurts they are longley farm but they have syns in themyes you have hit the nail on the head it is just getting to eat enough where as with ww you could not as you had to watch points do you get the small 4oog loaf
Yes it is just getting used to it

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