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Guess who is two stone heavier?

you're after pics look amazing im sure you will be back to your goal weight in no time.
awww no x
is that what luv does to ya?lol x

oh well at least your gonna deal with it hun.

wish ya luck x


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2 stone on, over how many weeks? Is that because of refeed? Im worried about refeeding, as I dont want to put stones back on. Surely if you eat sensibly after coming off LT the weight shouldnt come back? *confused*
ah well- you'll have that shifted in no time hun!

good luck!!



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ah chels! what went wrong? have you had a good summer for it though?!!!! :giggle: how come exante and not back onto LT?

you best still come back on ere and fill us all in how yer going and weigh ins etc :D

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
That's a bummer. Guess it just reminds you that you can't take your foot of the pedal or it all goes back on again. At least when you get it off again you will know to watch yourself more carefully so as to maintain.


I will be skinny again!!!
2 stone on, over how many weeks? Is that because of refeed? Im worried about refeeding, as I dont want to put stones back on. Surely if you eat sensibly after coming off LT the weight shouldnt come back? *confused*

Hey, I refed in March! so its two stone over a long period of time.. but its my own fault to be honest im just greedy as lol!!!

Doing exante this time because im in the same boat a Pete, it works out cheaper for me being in northern ireland and its easier to get it posted than it is to go for weekly weigh ins!

Im really excited!


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Hi Chelly

Sorry to hear that sweetie....but like what you say that you are excited about starting Exante.....so, at least you know you can get there. Dont know much about Ex - what is it?

Hang in there and you will get that 2 st off so long as you keep focussed.

Thinking of ya!!

Take care
Bless, I know how you feel after putting on a stone when I reached maintenace on CD (saw it for only a whole 2 weeks before derailing.) I changed diet too. You will be back to where you was in no time. Good luck x
Aw babes, see what love and happiness does to ye! lol
You know the game, you're going to be fine. This happens, just be more on your guard next time woman, you don't want to be back here again. And you'll be all skinny and gorgified by Xmas again no sweat! YE HA!

Let us know what Exante's like too will ya? I've considered it but right now I need my WI's -however abysmal they turn out to be. grrrr-4oz loss! grrrr



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Hi Chelly,
Wishing you all the best with your plan, hope all goes well.


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Aww Chelly, you'll get it off in no time- just think of all the Christmas events looming, and the compliments you'll get in your slinky party outfits!
Let us know what Exante is like will you? I've only 3wks worth of TFR left and nearly a stone to lose (ideally?) so need to pray I'll do it in that time- if not I'll have to look at other options as my pharmacist won't let me do TFR any more!


I will be skinny again!!!
Hey guys!

Firstly Doirin! its great to put a face to the very very wise woman :)

Exante is ok so far!! although they arent as flavoursome as the Lipotrim shakes... I definatley prefer lipotrim to be honest..

Think im going to try the Thai chicken soup tonight.. which im actually really excited at the prospect of!!

Id definatley say TFR is harder second time around (and im only on day 1)

I didnt have any hunger pangs any where near as bad as this last time (well I dont think I did ) lol But i know I can do it!!!

And yes I would definatley say its adams fault for fattening me up! I was over again on the 4th of sept and we just ate and ate and ate lol!!


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ooooh you visited again? ahhh love burds!!:heartpump:

Ya just cant beat LT can ya! ;) lol

Chels, you know you can do it so knuckle down and youll get there. The soup does sound delish, let me know what its like so i can dream! hahaa


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol yup! and hes coming over here next month hopefully!

Will do! im trying to hold out as long as possible before eating it lol!!
Sorry to hear of your gain Chelcie, but I am sure you will get it shifted in no time hun.

Good luck on exante. Just like Lipotrim, get the first couple of days over with and you will probably be over the worst.

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