Guess who's coming back...


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Hello everyone!

So after a few attempts of the diet, and I have lost some amazing amounts on it, I've decided to come back but with a new counsellor. I have lost almost 3 stones on the diet already, put on half a stone over the last 4 months so I now weigh just over 12 stones. I am now looking to get down to 9 and a half stone ish, however I will monitor this as I lose the last bit to make sure I'm not "too" thin. Sooo I have booked my appointment for next Tuesday.

SOO I now weigh 12 stones which gives me a BMI of 27. So I'm guessing SS for 1 week then after that I can start having a low carb evening meal! :)! I never tried it before with the meal, only did SS does anyone find this easier?

Please motivate me guys for the final hurdle!


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good luck x


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Hi Daniel

Its party time again! Hope you are keeping well and good luck with losing those final pounds x


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Welcome back!!!! Yes your right Hon it was the right person... that was funny I remember reading that post, with the love juice x

I can do it

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welcome back and good luck

H xXx


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wb Daniel... you know you get all the motivation you need on here!!

the love juice thread was one of the funniest things i've read on this forum! it was hilarious!! lol