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Extra Easy Guilt!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by skinnycowtobe, 15 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. skinnycowtobe

    skinnycowtobe Full Member

    I only had half a syn all day today so I'm treating myself and munching on a bag of maltesers! Why do I feel so guilty? It's allowed, right?

    God I'm daft :sigh:
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  3. Guilt is for when you have robbed a bank, assassinated the Queen, or run over next door's kitten. Don't waste it on Maltesers!
  4. Madge

    Madge Full Member

    Not only is it allowed, syns are part of the plan.

  5. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    I wouldn't feel guilty if I robbed a bank. B4stards spend enough time and energy robbing us to pay their chief execs. Also if you assassinated the queen I should imagine it was a planned heist and therefore guilt wouldn't feature.

    The kitten on the other hand, well maybe, particularly if they had spent time and money installing a cat flap for their now flat cat. I'd offer to refund that at least.

    Maltesers. Mmmm. Yummy. Don't do guilt its a destructive emotion.

    P.s I wrote all of that just so I could write cat flap for a flat cat. I take my amusement where I can find it
  6. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    God I'm hormonal and now I'm not just feeling like going back to bed, I'm feeling sad about the flat cat too.

    You are supposed to have at least 5 syns a day. So it's a good job you're having those Maltesers or you would've been off plan!
  7. skinnycowtobe

    skinnycowtobe Full Member

    I must say I did really really enjoy them! :)

    LOVE this - I love that I had to eat maltesers to stay on plan, haha. I feel better now! :D
  8. ariescat

    ariescat Full Member

    Yep, syns are part of the plan - enjoy your wee indulgence :)
  9. CJ32

    CJ32 Full Member

    It is hard to get your head round the fact that your loosing weight... But they want you to treat yourself! I hope you enjoyed every malteser :)

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